What Now???… u say…

On this solstice focus your whole Self within on the Original Woman: The GREAT Rebellious resistor, Healer, midwife. During Yule the solar eclipse occurs gather all that swirling powerful feminine energy and uplift yourself and all sisters mothers and daughters!!!  Talk to you soon!!!

Peace, Swamiji

Fodder for god fearing worshipers


Many people read the first posts on the man written book the bible every day understanding nothing of what is    written. Ignorance is the preference. Mans religious dogmas take precedence over TRUTH for catholic\christian believers.

The bible, both old and new testaments is based on Mazzarah, 12 zodiac signs and their 36 constellations.

The pope appears to be outing some of the guilty perps, pedophiles, and enablers. May he take the time to investigate st. stanaslaus boys school in Louisiana. The man Byron Kane who fathered me attended this boys school from 1949 til 1954  told me in the company of another, W.R. that he was tied to a chair naked and beaten by the priests for “punishment” esp.his penis. His stepfather N.K. sexually abused him also. To be the so called “orthodox roman catholic” pedophile he is in his mid eighties now he prays to his father god knowing the abuses he perpetrated on his daughters and MANY others (Phillipines, I have pictures) he drinks to forget, will need to be balanced. There is no Jesus whom died on some cross for anyones “sins”. ALL beings face their thoughts, deeds, actions and continue to balance heart\mind and body.

For over 30 years I have told my students the church will fall! The people will speak TRUTH to POWER OVER  and the victims will have justice.

As I have told you before: LOVE is THE KEY TRUTH is THE ANSWER  There is no statute of limitation on THE TRUTH!

What say you?

LOVE, This Girl

Matrifocal Truth speaks to growing patriarchal loss of “power over” (aka) impotence

The bible is NOT the word of god it IS the word of man.  However, the bible of man is Malleus Maleficarum  ie. The   Hammer of Witches. This book is the accepted justification for the vatican, popes, priests, preachers, pastors, christians, yep parishioners too, allowing the Inquisition to continue w\o interruption even now. Torture instruments were actually BLESSED by the priests!  Matricide is much more than physical death. Important that you know literally no less than NINE MILLION wimin were tortured, raped and burned at the stake. Factually, this was\is the power of wimin threatening the ego of man.  Wimin do not fear men or their hateful man made god in the sky!!!

As the age of Pisces turns to the age of Aquarius the christian dogma and male oppression reveal the hidden Truths and the lewd and lascivious acts repressed, suppressed and consciously present in wominkind.  May the religious institutions of man made self righteous godlessness continue to fall as ethics erase morals.


Patriarchal church and government and all abusive believers and participants (including the guilty by association) need also to be apart of the man made church witch hunt.

This is offered in your name precious Bree; His stepfather,the church did to him what he did to U and me and Countless others #ME TOO

Truth is the Answer says THE DISPELLER of DARKNESS

Deepest Shanti

Greetings to ALL !!!


May you be Love

May you be Peaceful

May you be Kind

May you live in Truth

May you be void of expectations

May you strive to be understanding of all others

May you be conscious of all thoughts deeds and actions

May you humble in interaction with one another

May you soften egos grip

May your mind be receptive

May you LISTEN and FEEL

May you be devoid of dogma, judgementmentalness, and preconception

May you give more than you receive

May you receive that which you give

May you be Accepting rather than tolerant

May you be forgiving not forgetful

May you BE the change you wish to SEE

May you take good care of this Mother Earth as SHE has cared for you

May The Great Spirit be your compass









866 days ago….

It was good to stop blogging. I do Love all beings and chose to be of service in the world in the upliftment of human consciousness. The collective consciousness is deeply needing kind thots, gentle words, unconditional deeds for this is true Compassion. Integrity is @ the very core of your character.

Due to the severe negative state of world affairs especially cyber bullying I will  be dedicating  blog communication to positive subjects and tools for all beings to find balance, calm and most of all a sustaining Peace!

A Big Hello to All!

Dr. Swami Shubhrananda


Dissolution\Transformation of patriarchal domination coming to the end.  The Feminine Principle continues to STRENGTHEN!

Often my words are perceived negatively. Idealism, authenticity, integrity, vulnerability, are from where I speak.

The escalation of violence against women & children globally is in effort to keep the feminine down because its strength makes mankind feel impotent. Man is fearful therefore lashes out in lude\lasivious  reactions to TRUTH! This is a first hand attestment  @ your service!

Change is what living in this realm is all about. Our environment shapes us…

One who is here with clear vision is not here to sugar coat TRUTH w\made up strategies to entice you.

#Freethenipple is an IN YOUR FACE example of the call to egalitarianism! Are WE there yet?

According to Astrological computation the coming alignment of planets coming into place and escalating this quantum leap in consciousness began Capricorn New Moon 12\21-22 2014 followed by the Cancer Full Moon 1\4-5 2015 & culminating climactically 1\20\2015 bringing vitalizing energies to annihilate concretized  habitualized patterns of individual\collective archetypes.

Choose to release yourself from organized religion… from fear of knowing your full potential hidden in your untapped essence.

This IS the time of GREAT expanse! Seize the moment!  Women you need to take command of your life as The Feminine Force Be WILLING to balance your life & face your shadow side and liberate your suppressed energies!

Love Light Truth in the coming year to ALL, SEE YOU…


A Mothers Relationship With Her Child Is Karmic.


Having a child does not give one ownership. A child is not a possession to do with and how we see fit to fulfill our desires. A mother is not a good mother who makes her child an indentured servant to meet her expectations of love and acceptance.

A mothers relationship with her child is karmic, it’s a karmic bind created in some other lifetime. The child that you as a mother have now may have been your mother in a previous birth, or your father, your sister, brother, wife, husband, or possibly your child then also.

A True mother recognizes this bond with her child to be an opportunity to demonstrate undying, unconditioned love and acceptance. A True mothers love does not sour or diminish as she watches her child grow, learn, and expand moving out into the world. A True mothers love provides her with the opportunity to…

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Contemplative Offerings to heal YOU “THE FEMININE IS THE MEDICINE-AHIMSA”

It is from The Sacred Feminine that The FIRST trinity takes birth-Spirit, Mother & Child. The patriarchal perversion is father, son & holy ghost. The re-emergence of The Sacredness of The Feminine is The Medicine to heal the dis-ease of separation in the collective psyche. The serpent is the symbol of the rejuvenating power of  Mother Nature, symbolized thru the shedding of its skin. Knowledge of snake venom is known to be Healing & the Bringer of death of the physical body. For over 4,ooo years patriarchy has attempted to oppress, dominate, reject & even KILL the Primordial Feminine. The masculine force has suppressed Her thru forced conversion, deviant pretense, brutal terror, immobilizing fear using Her Love, beauty, grace, Truth, Peace, & Wisdom as WOMD against Her. NOT ANY MORE!!! Every act of violence(himsa) first exists in the mind. Lack of Ahimsa(NONviolence) is a drought man has convinced its ignorant self that must keep the world warring to attain. The Love in the Feminine nature is the teaching of the art of Peace.  Woman MUST Seek to understand and preserve Unity. Man is too stupid to realize IF he wants to destroy the entire Feminine Presence he’ll have to get over his homophobia & pretentious  preachings of his-story re:bestiality  “god forbid!” The very existence of humanity would not BE if not for The Feminine!  To continue to exist\survive under a power-over mandated separatist god the father dictatorship IS the bastardization of THE TRUTH of human existence, is it not!? The handful of men not in this sickness-HOW will you aid humanity?


Love & Peace, The Feminine