In the vortexes

The sincere seekers of Truth, do so from the origin of WHO AM I? If human beings are more of the curious type\debate mongers then coming to an Incarnate of The Divine Feminine will add to the “ego-personality enragement syndrome.” This unorthodox Radiant Pure Lite of Conscious Awareness born a living example of The Wisdom Force. The voice of The Great Mother clearly spoke,”I Am Your Mother,I Am The Breathe of Life,I Am The Fire of Truth.” Health of Spirit, Mind,Body cannot occur as long as denial of THE GREAT MOTHER remains as The paramount patriarchal cloud of IGNORANCE.
People that have called on The Guru learn, Let Go of your subtle sociopathic ways called greed,anger self aggrandizing pretense and the mental plague for these are all favorite dishes of EVIL HIMSELF!!! People of this nation, FOOLS you are and FOOLS you’ll be ’til time is YOU CHOOSE to SEE things as they BE, not as YOUR desires perceive.
Back in 2000 statistics prove SUICIDES out ranked homicides 5\3,being the third in lead cause of death in the age grouping 15-24. Then homicide\unintentional injured. FYI the 2000 YEARLY count of homicidal deaths by guns alone=11,127 just in the US. NO Soul is FREE until\unless one MASTERS THE MIND! Balance is impossible w\o ACCEPTANCE & WILLING APPRENTICESHIP OF LIFE. Namaste’ Guruji
Easy it is to pinpoint Arizona as The MOST HATEFUL people. So TRUE it is! Lite,Love Laughter would be a welcome reality. People are conditioned to be unseen\unheard this separation has created a rift no one dare speak of. BUT, The Mother has reemerged for the love of all Her children. Lose not your HOPE do not become any more brittle. Soften, neutralize,vizualize Come,meditate,rejuvenate,re-evaluate your life. Many have re-integrated as is the process of Be-ing a part of life for you are NEVER apart from it! SHANTI, MA


Matriarchial Spiritual\Political Leadership Global,Societal,Cultural Reemergence

In the beginning… the Great Womb of Our Great Cosmic Mother, an all Female mass sea, rocking in Her arms of lunar tidal comfort and protection to the command of nature, life forms basking in the nurturing amniotic Primordial Principle of the Feminine. This fact is TRUTH beyond two & one half BILLION years on earth. NO man-made religion Non-traditional christian fascist ideology did NOT exist. The longest period on earth inclusively spent in this primordial life reproducing parthenogenetically, basically no gestating within a body of a particular creature. Simply, Female existing and reproducing Her Self. Her Womb, The Sea in all Her organic Be-ing. The Greatest concerns that NEED addressing re: here\now for the daughters who chose you for the place of perfecting balance; YES, oh egotistical ones YOU were chosen…You have karmic debt together. Namaste’, Guruji Mathesis more…

Full Moon in Aquarius\Mercury Retrograde…til aug. 26,2011

At present there is much reflection in the mass consciousness.  This period of some fifty years plus the conscious in the humankind has grown increasingly separate.  The variations of tribes, clans, familial and finally personal due to the severe loss of memory of communal purpose has kept humanity in the bunny hole.  The First Chakra, The Vortex of FEAR, IMMOBILITY basic survival mode is indoctrinated, placeobically  inoculated and penetrated by a chronic prime time fest all encompassing mind molest  set to the tune of the submersive conversional force called the drum beat of the world, the patriarchiacal sound of weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION, mans words of deceit dripping in $ scented in relevant truth. Repressed, in-common , IDEALITIC memories arising to the forefront of conscious of yesteryear when Mercury in retrograde was respected openly.    Yet, look around people are reflecting an era felt even in the wombs of the unborn @ the moment where WE THE PEOPLE WERE ALIVE AND Mercury (communication) brought us together to sit @ The LEFT-HAND of THE GREAT MOTHER and LISTEN to the wealth of TRUTH passed matrilineally as opposed to remaining separate, or worse as I see superficial and in chronic competition,stepping on the faces of ANY OTHER  @ the steepest level ,vile GREED,  o\o FEAR, FAMILY (ME-MINE) existence Minds are being wasted because the children know  YOU ARE LYING to THEM! Retrograde is great to prepare for needed change coming…Aquarius=Intellectual  Freedom… PEACE, Guruji