This Full Moon is about Mother Earth & all The Great Mothers Children. The thrice & a half coiled Cosmic Serpent AWAKENING from deep slumber is one cycle unwinding Her tail causes movement in the consciousness first. The sun in Virgo\Moon in Pisces in perfect polarity offer the windows of giving birth & cultivating growth of The True Nature of YOUR Spirit, which by the way it projects your presence. Your Spirit that is! If you are a student of This Ones teachings re: Psychoneuroimmunology, Ayurveda you have heard this one say, Matriarchal bridge is the quantum leap of Spiritual\physical inclusion which is not stoppable; evolutionarily SPEEDING UP in time to SLOW DOWN. The Mother is in Truthful, Powerful, Evidentual COMMAND of the Reverence to The Primordial Source… Texas & Arizona Conscious & lambs Collective Ignorance experiencing the projections of their HATRED,ANGER, as is others of self righteous indignation for THE PEOPLE! Change is inevitable as the archetype of Death\Rebirth, Pluto changes direction from retrograde-direct on Sept. 16th. The INTENSITY of its influence is deeply felt as traditions, dogmas, dominionism of the patriarchy feel the terror of an AWAKENING PEOPLE, as women kind has lived with oppression and has struggled to go beyond since MAN has STOLEN\DISTROYED and RE-INVENTED ETHICALTruth masquerading it as moral relavent(subject) truth. Jesus was One of TRUTH. IT is known He was a Bhakta of The Mother, and knew ordinary human beings remained ignorant to Truth Forgotten. Even telling ones,”YOU are of your father, the devil (the bloodline consciousness of ones wheel of samsara-proclivities, klesas, KARMA. YOU & the concepts\perceptions of others you define\prescribe your life by even if its causes\effects repulse-revolt-depress suppress-repress-oppress, finally manifest DIS-EASE in you and the global family community. Just the thought of being an original sinner & the bibles notion of HUMANITY began due to a crime of BEING DISOBEDIENT, & Just wait til your father gets home! Inspite of patriarchal linear,logic,reason along with mans attempt to control the Cosmic rhythm of Nature for we all surely know THAT IS THE WAY TO CONTROL PEOPLE, the lunar cycle of menstruating. The cycle of Death\Rebirth is eye opening, Conscious awakening, Truth beckoning. This One will show you the Truth of any DECIDER candidate if they are willing. Republican\Democrate esp. Women. SEE U CLEARLY! SHANTI MATHESIS