Truth is the answer

Children of the world, This One has lived Her life in the primordial origins of knowledge based on the symbolic language of nature. Ordinary human beings speak with words, however relevant truth is the icing over a Moral cake fed to the masses whose glutenous palates gulp it down w\o a clue as to its’ subjective ingredients, let alone WHERE\WHO made it. People of Ethics eat cake iced in TRUTH knowing there is only ONE ingredient. To understand the nature of anyone\thing one MUST LISTEN, hearing is subjective to concepts\perceptions, relevant truth, opinions of tradition otherwise known as cellular bloodline consciousness. Acceptance is much more Powerful than tolerance ! Stories of Truth are music for The Soul! Did you know over 35 million tween\teens have a SEVERE emotional disorder? In the year 2000, 29,000 suicides were successfully carried thru with! all dis-ease is a suffering of ignorance. NO ONE who commits suicides “goes to heaven” more later…PEACE OUT!!! GURUJI


Love is the key. Truth is the answer. Faith (individual belief) is the path.

Dear Ones, Intention defines ones purpose. All cause has effect. All effect req’s cause. Everyone has the same purpose. Consciousness is our foundation. Ego is the enemy. Taskmasters are abundant, yet Self Conscious Awareness will assure balance in Be-ing apart of Life not apart from Life. Sublimate emotions into feelings for HAPPINESS is your birthrite!!! Shanti,Guruji

Part 1 The Hunter and The Hunted

Quietly, She goes about the purpose of incarnation upon this middle planet forever reminding the children big and small; BALANCE My Precious Loves, that’s the Yogic Life well beyond any so called, CALL.

We must immediately undo that which is the untruth if THIS emerging Truth of The Primordial Scream of Mother who has given men their every desire ANSWRED to play out their LATENT hatreds upon those they were once the same as. Just as heavily weighted is the PROCLIVITIES of LATENT previous balance of Truth LOVE Acceptance. Karma, is deeply hidden by the ego esp. in patriarchal existence.

There is much too little time in any given life to give up. Release your PRIDE, all aspects of separation. A human being is aware when evil is near, more than likely we pretend it is not o\o fear. GIVE IN, to the feelings of Truth rising before confusion has time to set in. Take Care of this precious life.

Remind your children like I did about the TRUTHS of what REALLY happens to the mother cow and baby calf, how they scream for each other during separation how the cow SCREAMS when MAN points gun to the brow so they can decide whether to eat DEAD BODIES filled with toxic hormones released during the STRESS of loss and death!!!

How about the camouflage boxes to make perpetration easier ! daddy’s girl refuses to SEE the murderer daddy! AHH the sport of the hunt,the boast of the catch of hook in fish mouth the thrill of it dragging in fear\suffering… hip hip hooray! Have family time, watch, ” The Cove.” Truth is The Answre . Whether you caused the ACTUAL harm or merely were present ,the effect must be balanced according to intent & purpose. So, be kind to trees they were once our revered celebrities, unless they woke up!  AHIMSA,GURUJI

2013-UPDATE: Did yo watch the documentaries recommended in previous teachings? Add “SAMSARA” to the truths shown and given to you. Thot this may be a perfect UPDATE to parallel w\ the lascivious ABUSES to WOMYN\CHILDREN STILL>>>NOW! military men sexually assaulting other men? Well, apparently there NOT following their idols ie. freddie phelps, jerry, quite contraryfalwell, patty robertson…

W\O understanding KARMA there is NO Compassion\REVERENCE for LIFE This leaves sociopathic-pathological serial haterful, fear mongers as your appointed PDMFS’ as YOUR DECIDERS…like bush & his “limbs” or cronies if you will.

There is NOT a cure for human predators, however they are not as obscure in society as you are led to believe. It is said you can not tell the difference or pick them out NOT TRUE!

I have fed the answer to this epidemic to many, many students. It would save everyone alot of $$$$ and shed LIGHT on the IGNORANCE of a potential harmonious life for all! INTERESTED? DON’T LET THE MEDDLER W\ THE FIDDLER capture YOUR SELF!   AHIMSA, MAA


Due to the many of you showing interest in better understanding of PNI from embryonic innate\adaptive immunity , Conscious Awareness, Acceptance, willing to listen to the vibratory,ever changing expressions of Be-coming @ levels if Be-ing. Unit point in time\space No-thing. Physical dis-ease is the point of manifestation of the need for change in the psyche (SOUL), food (mind, vital body, supra body, physical body ,senses) NO ALLOPATHIC medical physician can diagnose The Truth only maintain, sustain, act as they are TRAINED. Ayurveda is the QUANTUM LEAP of HEALTH. The Collective Conscious is vitally ill, IGNORANCE is the suffering malignancy killing THE GREAT MOTHER Her body Earth, all Her children. Psoriasis,cancer.autism,arthritis(VARIED) depending on the personal qualities\ karmas, emotional dysfunction, eating\or not, ALL Sexual Issues are Primordial in nature therefore, the ONLY CURE is to KNOW THE FACTUAL CAUSE. No matter the suffering you are experiencing, only two prognosis remain-1 what are you GETTING out of it ? By denial of change, passive-aggressive revenge by remaining a martyr? projecting your emotionality, for pretentious perception appear the victim(double edged) karmic effects pathological,psychological, the body physical and The Consciousness of all those touched by your thots, actions, deeds. Think of it like the reverb of loud speakers,effects YOU first. 2 Grow out of the arrested life tapping concepts\perceptions that HOLD you in place. Face your taskmasters. This One is here in this DARK, PAINED, ANGER, HATRED Filled swirling vortex as”The Dispeller of Dark- ness,” (a GURU) insisted a local womyn I just met in speaking with another local womyn in business, along with a local man Unknowingly, according to yet another local womyn as I freely spoke of experiencing this beautiful land and the life altering HORROR @ the LITERAL\figurative hands of 5 men physically, there are numerous others. None of these people speak to This One, go o\o way to avoid The Light of Truth! Womyn preach,” SAY NOTHING.” ARIZONA is toxic,fearful,has lost the reflection of beauty in the faces of the people! An entire healing if the PNI of the THIS State will greatly help the Health of an APATHETIC Nation. WE NEED TO EXPERIENCE A BHAKTI FEST HERE Let Go of the SEPARATION! IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE LIVING LIFE IN PEACE!!! Shubhranandamayi