Impermanence comes to mind immediately with the start of this new year. Change may seem faster and more furious than ever in the lives of many on many levels, world, countries, governments, societies and in our personal lives.

There were many clues as to the path of changes set in motion and how they would be played out: with a great amount of turmoil and resistance; thus pointing out to a great degree the battle’s deep within the collective consciousness, not only in this country, but world leadership, and those who follow those leaders into the battles of “willfully imposing their rightness” on those who strive to live a life of balance and acceptance, and strive to teach their children the same. Oppression and dictatorship flowing through the collective mind unleashed because of fear and apathy WILL NOT DO! All beings together returning to the natural state, which is Wisdom—Wisdom is Love +Truth can make change in this flow of consciousness through “Action in Non-action”, thus creating impermanence in the present flow of collective mind. Change is inevitable – apathy is a disease. No one person or group of people has the right to rule over another—true leaders do not use force to lead.

The direction of leadership has changed. We must not collaborate with the enemies of hatred whose brothers are deceit, anger, greed and conversional forces such as oppression and violence. Throughout this year we will see the collective collusional forces of “dictatorship mindedness” fast and furiously at work. It will appear to be in the direction of a Oneness, not necessarily in the direction of One Love, One Truth, and all acceptance of each other and the differences of human nature, but a forced oneness supposedly for the good of all.

Creating an impermanence in the stream of collective mind that gently wherever possible continues to allow for change in what threatens to be a limitation of the individual nature, worldly and personally, is what is needed. No need for violence, just steadfast determination with a meditative mind rooted in awareness that we are all born to the natural right to live happily, free within our own thoughts, and to express our individual nature without fear of oppression—as long as it is not in any way causing harm to another.

Be safe



Hang in there!!!!!

Hang in there!!!!!

What is being vulnerable?

Being vulnerable to love and being vulnerable to being loved.

How do you remain vulnerable?

What is the difficulty with pity? It is not love.

Seeing that and judging that, pity, we can’t afford to have pity for another person.  Don’t allow the mind to hold on to anything being said or done. Don’t judge, yet have sound judgment. First, changing past impressions of what we believe being vulnerable is. If we didn’t have the example it’s more difficult. Always we are defensive which is separateness. Being vulnerable is realizing the immediate integrity not what we’ve formed in our mind as integrity. Openness to change is a key element to vulnerability. Accept that all of life is change. All of life is filled with the moving thoughts of others ways of being which is moving through us, we attach to them creating deeper impressions in ourselves. We must not attach our needs, our thoughts or our reactions to an others way of being.

Why do we separate?

We don’t recognize we have strength, but once we see we have strength, there’s no reason to separate. The fear of vulnerability is so deep, we use it against each other. How do we react? We re-act with hatred, with malice, with contempt. Those pure of heart and quiet of mind, who have shown vulnerability are often physically completely destroyed. People allow themselves to be destroyed because vulnerability is seen as a weakness, not a strength. We cannot see the love of Divine Mother at work, especially at the worst circumstances. We see the circumstance as someone wishing to cause us harm and we stick to past impressions. How our self-righteous and willfulness can be very destructive to our self and others. Let love be the foremost thought. If love is the foremost thought and that’s what guides your actions, there’s nothing to worry about. Accept, hold Self steadfastly and stay quite disciplined to that.

Ones chosen ideal is something a Bhakta clings to. It is important to bring form to Divine Mother as a human being is the key here. We need a living breathing example. This becomes our chosen ideal, the one we look to bring us face to face with The Divine nature within us. When we choose to perfect ourselves more, expansive things occur in our life. There isn’t anything you can’t do. It’s a matter of faith, purity of heart. It’s a matter of our thoughts being guided by the purity of heart, not just a
display. Anything is possible. As a community when we come together in heart and mind, we strengthen our noble ideal. Community is strengthened by devotion, faith grows and the heart opens and anything is possible.

Meditation is recognizing Divine Mother like Self in you. Renounce karmas, renounce old impressions, discipline, and changing of thought patterns, and opening up of the heart allowing self to feel love of Divine Mother that already resides within.

The love of The Mother, our relationship with The Divine requires no one else to see our happiness. If we realize Divine Mother’s presence at work in our bodies and minds, we release from everything.

If what occurs in your life makes you happy, that’s all you need to know, but don’t keep it to yourself, share your happiness. Happiness is the cream cheese frosting of life, we should share it with everyone.

Everything in the worldly existence depends on the love of Divine Mother. That is the Truth, and that is the Answer to all of life’s questions. It should be easy to have faith and pureness of heart in just knowing that.

Many blessings and kisses on the foreheads of all of you.

Sit quietly everyday and hear the many blessings coming your way.


Our vision is Global Balance

Global Balance is a vision I believe is rooted deep in the souls memory track of each person. We all strive for that global balance at the level of our own small universes within this vast world we have created. We strive for balance in our family environment. We strive for balance at our work place. We strive for balance within our individual being. Our interrelationships affect us at subtle levels of our unconscious self and can cause us to react to life in ways that set and repeat patterns of existence for a very long time. If given the choice, we all choose happiness in place of unhappiness. This happiness is not attainable with the belief and expectation that “someone else” is responsible for our happiness or lack of it. We are responsible for our stage and station in life. If we want a happy life then we must begin the preparation for this happiness by taking a look at ourselves and begin the process of changing old patterns or habits creating disharmony, and dis-ease in ourselves. We must work toward the true nature of our soul, Truth. How?, one may ask, is this possible in this chaotic world. I will tell you, by focusing on you.
       In Eastern Philosophy, it is said that the way to a happy life is through moksha (liberation). Liberate yourself from the thoughts and beliefs that keep you wrapped up in the fears of life. Life is not to be feared.
       Adults, do you remember needing to be free as a child to run, play, think and sing at the top of your lungs. Have you forgotten? Are you holding your child back the way you may have been?
       Children, are you attempting to spread your wings and be free like the bird and find it difficult or next to impossible so you look for manipulative, painful ways of finding your freedom because your angry?
       Before long we become so distant from ourselves and one another we find ourselves spinning out of control in the crazed world of distortion and begin to believe this life is dog eat dog, so to speak, and it’s each person for themselves.
       I do not believe this is the core desire of humanity. In fact, I know it’s not. In the many hours of each day that I sit with individuals, families and couples I witness the desire to be happy. Again, this begins with us as individuals. First, ask how am I affecting humanity? Then ask how am I letting humanity affect me? With children this may be more difficult because they are not completely powerful in their environment. With the adult in most cases we have the ability to change our life in the blink of an eye. Remember, in doing so we must always be aware of the changes we make and the affect these changes may have on others.
       In changing our world at the individual level we can attain a sense of well being and peace that can be the foundation of a happier more fulfilling life.          
       At one time, as infants brand new into this life we looked to our parents as the foundation to build a loving, trusting, understanding of the world from. For many, this does not happen. We stumble, and we fall, but for most human beings there is a fire deep within that keeps the soul searching for its purpose.
       We must have that foundation if we are to overcome the obstacles in the path of our life. We must experience unconditional love in the mortal aspect and it need only be once to rekindle that fire within each of us. Be it from birth, or be it at some turning point in ones life, it is the souls remembrance of the Divine Love of Mother that moves us in the direction of truth and happiness. For some, the remembering is instant, for others it takes some time. For all of us, it comes to light eventually, whether it be in this life or the next.

My deepest love and devotion to all sentient beings

Swami Shubhrananda

Guru, disciple questions and answers.

I wanted to share some questions some of my disciples have asked. If you have any questions or you want a better understand about what I have shared with you, let me know.


Student: Is integrity like our dilemma with morals and ethics?

Guruji: The disservice of weakening our integrity is done to ourselves by burying ethics, living man made morals decided by an others tendencies and seeds of karma are
then sewn deep. Each persons life is touched with these misconceptions and we create more and more of a groove to dig ourselves out of.

Student: If we have the tendency to live by principles whether based on truth or not, is that what digs deeper?

Guruji: Yes. What are the impressions, that is the point?

Student: Is character  something we have to build?

Guruji: Yes. The character we have to build on impressions based solely on five senses, if so then we’re of weak character. How many times have we sat within ourselves knowing something was not right, yet we did it anyway. We are afraid to sit alone in the truth. How difficult it is for us to stand alone in the truth. If we know something is being done wrong, we may go with it because others are. Do we fear standing alone? Or do we go with it fearing we’ll be alone. That is what I mean about vanity, social acceptance. Blaming others for our actions is not accepting responsibility for our own impressions. We are responsible for our own thoughts and actions thus created………. Some people can be evil or ugly to us. I’m not saying you have to allow that. What are your thoughts of that? What will come about in you, do to their way of being? Do you really know, of what you say you know is true? How does one discern this? Faith comes in there. Faith requires purity of the heart. Faith comes about when one doesn’t think themselves right or wrong but allows Divine Mother to be the determiner.To not allow oneself to be deceived by past  impressions, that’s the key. Simply, it’s watching life go by, watching with the inner eye, the situation or occurrence. Basing it on the feeling that occurs in the heart and is there a ripple in the mind. If there is a ripple, you have aversion to it, if it goes by and you place no judgment one way or the other, you have made progress. Don’t try to understand the people, work from the heart and mind. Outside is a reflection of what’s going on inside. Resisting the evil, resisting the thought is what’s difficult for us. The company we keep, that awakens the latent thoughts that are already there. If we have a proclivity to evil thoughts or ugliness, we must not place ourselves in places or with people that incite that. We are born of love, we are born in love. Do you understand? Most people think they have little to no faith or integrity. Trying to find love, faith, gratification in the outside world leads to floundering. We won’t find happiness in any of that although we’re entrenched in it.

Here’s an example. A person who needs to resist and one who needs not to resist. When I speak of resisting evilness or not taking action, what I am talking about there. Example: Two people, one where the hatred and anger comes up easily, and one that it doesn’t come up at all. One needs to resist with all of their might or each time they feel wronged or blamed or treated badly, look within at their own thoughts and actions. Then question the reaction to the situation. Other one, when they are spoken to or treated badly, need to handle it differently; bringing it up inside yourself, you may need to get angry and speak up. Take for instance Krsna and Arjuna. Krsna told Arjuna,
“you have to fight.” Some people are cowardness, whereas some fight unnecessarily. We must become our thoughts and control our actions. Everyone is always looking at the socially acceptable thing to say or do, resist that! It’s not going to work if the display is resistance and the thought remains the same. This creates deeper impressions along the same thought patterns.

We have the tendency to place a measure of worth on everything. We lack, therefore in our faith, we move away from our purity of heart if we’re not receiving what our ego tells us we deserve. Self righteousness is used to determine the measurement of faith and love we put out and receive. Take for instance the separation in the physical between Guru and disciple. Often this causes one to see their lack of character. Are we willing to be responsible for our own self deception, our own proclivities? We say that’s what we want. In the tearing down and strengthening of character is one willing to instill the discipline? Will you take the medicine, will you do it right now? If I tell you to go towards something will you do it, or will you allow immediately the sticky binds of ego to be the
end-determining factor in your actions. It is hard to let Divine Mother be your thought. Because you won’t get what you want. It will create a reaction your most likely not ready for or understand thus old impressions take over and you perceive accordingly. When one knows Divine Mother is Self, they are not a thinker or a doer. Are we willing to be an instrument? Then we’ll have to rely on our untainted integrity, which is union with Divine Mother.

Faith is born of understanding.

The battle of the ego becomes a little easier, because it is more difficult for the stickiness to bind to past impressions  born of the senses. As humans we struggle with this because our fear of no-thing-ness arises. Do you understand? Divine Mothers love reveals itself in so many forms. Our problem is we cannot see Divine Mothers love, especially in a difficult situation. We jump to defensiveness, we jump to condemn, feigning being mistreated, and misspoken to. If the mind sees good even in a difficult situation, we see the love of Divine Mother revealing itself in a form that allows us to change, strengthens our integrity and reveal character, then we stop fooling ourselves, As we sit right now with this space of quietness, how does the mind and the heart react to what The Mother is saying to you?

Thank you!!!!!!

Thank you for those who take the time to let me know that you like the blog, and taking the dip in higher consciousness. I’ll be your boat.


Much love


What is your natural integrity?

Something most important to humans, or so we think, is our integrity. It is wholeness, indivisibility, oneness. What is our natural integrity? Our natural integrity is that we are born in the image of Divine Mother. That is the Truth. Imagine this for one minute. I am a being of Truth, Integrity, honesty, the unified self, that is what we are. One with Divine Mother. One who knows this of themselves, and once one realizes they are born in love, then one doesn’t have to sit in the vanity of displaying the love of Divine Mother or goodness. One who doesn’t need to work at discipline has complete faith, knowing the presence within is The Mother. Divine Mother is their essence and they are forever in the grace of Divine Mother. All else is ignorance.

I tell you to allow that stickiness that binds you to your previous impressions, the ego, that separateness from Divine Mother, to fall away. Don’t sit in the vanity of Godliness saying, “tomorrow I will be better.” But instead say, “allow me to see the ugliness in my self or in my life so that I may change it now.” If you’re going to renounce something today, renounce that thought which is that God said, “I should struggle”, because the life struggles you experience are not what God wants for you. Actually, the struggle you go through on a daily basis with the self is the deep impressionistic desire to remain separate. No matter how much we say that’s not what we want, our actions tell us differently. The grace of Divine Mother is first and foremost. When one has found that grace in human form then we know or should know without a doubt we are looking into the eyes of Divine Mother. We actually see the reflection of The Mother within ourselves. It melts the heart. It calms the mind. Self discipline is occurring, deceit cannot creep in and we become incapable of vanity in the form of Godliness or self deceit.