Don’t just survive the holidays, live life.

The idea is to change the attitude of survival to one of acceptance, and actually live, not just survive. Surviving life gives one a false sense of strength. It’s an artificial strength, overshadowing the positive strength and the tendencies within the person. Knowledge and understanding give a person a firm foundation on which to fight the battle of overcoming past impressions, and negative perceptions.
We are spiritual beings. Our birth right is freedom, and it begins within us. To be free of these existing problems that we face during the holiday time, would mean knowing peace, and happiness which are born of the innate freedom of one’s soul.
It requires steady, constant practice to not identify with the past, and to change one’s present way of living according to the past.
True Love is total acceptance. Tolerance is but a tiny step in the right direction, for it still denotes a sense of separateness. Only ignorance distorts True Love.


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