Do you believe in Reincarnation?

I would like to talk a little bit about reincarnation with you. Keeping in mind, the ordinary being can not choose a body for themselves. There are particular factors in the determining of one’s next incarnation. The evolutionary law, which the birth conditions will provide the opportunity for developing qualities that one needs.

The law of karma is the second factor, which has to do with the level of this opportunity. Such as deserving of the best opportunity as opposed to one not deserving of an optimal opportunity. Finally, the very important factor of all has to do with personal attachments to love and hate that were previously formed.

Now, key point here, a person’s first two factors mentioned may not be favorable, however, if one had a strong previous personal love tie for one who was more highly evolved than one’s own self, this would be very fortunate. A more highly evolved one may have the ability to make choices as to one’s place of birth, and the family one is born into. However, this one most likely would not exercise personal choice and would more likely surrender to the eternal law knowing that the eternal law would be for the greater good of all.

Now, in speaking of reincarnation, that is coming around again on the wheel of existence, the parents really have no choice in the matter of the soul to come to them, except by their living the life that will provide the best opportunity for the birth of the more highly evolved soul. Mind you, I’m still speaking of the more highly evolved soul here.

Now, speaking of the incoming soul in general, the parents have a multitude of ancestral latencies present in their physical bodies. We call this bloodline consciousness. Now, again speaking of the more evolved soul, when this one is taking birth then this one will choose parents say for a particular quality that may be favorable for them in their evolutionary development. But that quality may have been dormant for many, many generations. That quality would now have its vehicle of expression, and so to speak, awaken in the new birth.

The physical form of the new birth is influenced through the new soul’s karma and the mother’s thought, again, speaking of those of us who are just ordinary beings, the new incarnation must take a body that provides for particular potentials, therefore, one must come into its new incarnation born of a parent who possesses those qualities, and can directly pass them on, or to whose ancestors on either of the parents side had those qualities also, these dormant aspects, which may be passed on in this way.

At times one of a higher evolutionary state, knowing that there are karmic tendencies to balance, may take all the evolutionary work to be completed in one lifetime. Now, quality and form are considered here for the new birth, and quality is of utmost importance. That’s not to say form is unimportant.

Those who study embryology will attest that the embryos of a fish, a dog, and a human are practically indistinguishable early on. Now, our modern science has no explanation as to the changes that occur thereafter. Those of higher awareness or higher knowledge know that it is the Divine life that takes control here, and decides the development further. Even the ego of the incoming baby is unaware of the Divine factor, and even the clairvoyant beings often misinterpret what they see hovering around the mother’s body. Often, they think it to be the new soul, rather than what it really is, which is actually the physical mold of the one to be born. Now, after some time the actual ego of the new incarnation does take control of the physical shell.

Now, this particular developmental stage I’m referring to may require even more time, that is to say, years. Therefore, the limitations are such that the ego and the physical body may remain in the developmental stage until the age of seven years old. Egos are quite different with regard to the purpose of their vehicle, that’s important. Some egos are very interested in their physical vehicle from the very beginning, and others are hardly interested at all.

I’ll stop for now.

Many  blessings. Namaste


Are you ready for Freedom?

I’ve spoke of unity and duality. From unity comes the duality. There’s the head, which is the thinking, and the heart, which is the feeling, and we spoke of ego. We know that the poisons that we mentioned are feelings, thoughts, perceptions, and memories. And if the ego is oriented to one of the four ways, feelings, thoughts, emotions, it will only allow certain information to flow into you, you see.

Because of the nature of these four poisons ego can or does actually keep a “bad”, quote unquote, person from seeing that they are not a good person, you see. This is very important. This is that deception that I spoke to you of. I know this all may seem very complicated. I will say that we are complicated beings. Yet, we are not really complicated at all, we are quite simple. The complications come due to the four poisons, and therefore, confusion arises out of the duality, and we’re off and running in directions that we don’t even realize we’re running in, but we are.

I will say to you as a question, are you ready for freedom, really? If that is so then you must become mature right now. It’s easy in some western religions to simply say, it’s all right that I go about myself the way that I do, because I’m saved anyway. Well, that certainly relieves us of all responsibility to all of life, and it does not hold us accountable. That’s easy. However, the reality is that salvation only comes through Self-Realization, and we say, the Guru. We say that someone has to do the bad job, that’s the Guru. The bad job meaning, the pointing out of all the little places that we choose not to look at in ourselves, but are seen so clearly through the eye of one who is looking through reality. Now, we must ask, do we want to see those things our own self as clearly so that we can release ourselves from them, and truly understand salvation. If we are looking to another to save us, that will never do. However, we all need the living example. We all have the seed of longing within us. Therefore, within that seed we also have the success of attaining the goal of Self-conscious awareness. The question is, are we willing to do the work? Nothing in life is free. Everything, everything has its price. Are we willing to pay the price. Which means let go of all false perceptions, misunderstandings, confusion. Remove ourselves from the ignorance and see the Light of Truth that resides within all of us.

My blessings. My deepest Love. Please know that I love you all, and I do know the struggle that each and every being goes through in order to become Self aware. If we have taken each others hand then you have my vow, I will not let go.

You are never alone.

Mataji. Namaste.

What makes you truly happy?

To make it easier perhaps simply to think of yourself as a vessel of energy from past karmic patterns, that’s what we are. It’s not about if we are born beautiful or wealthy. Oh well, if we are born wealthy then we must have had a lot of good karma, or something of that nature, that’s not important. What is important is that we are always working toward balancing the energies within ourselves. To do that we have to take action, burn it out if it is not for the ultimate happiness and peace of all beings. Neutralize karma is what we say. We must work to be happy, that’s true.

Take the time to write down, what truly makes you happy? After you have written it then let it go, just let that piece of paper go, and once you have, and as long as you like, think about what you wrote.  Ask yourself the question, why would that make me happy? This is an exercise I often suggests.

Within each of us remember, we have a set of opposing forces, that is what I call the war within, the dharma kusatra, kurukusatra, the battle symbolically, of your own desires and duty in life. You see, all that occurs in this battle is imposed on you by you, never someone else.

There is a very big difference between the eastern and western psychology. In the west we say, our mothers say, “Don’t do that.” Then the mother isn’t around anymore, however, the mother in our head still goes on. So, where is the battle, you ask, taking place? Between the heart and the head, you see. In yoga we say, the heart is at the Ajna chakra, there at the brow, and the head is in the heart.

What is the most important thing here? The most important thing is to bring into balance the heart mind. We see it a little differently in yoga than we see it in the west. It’s not about the pumping of the blood through the heart. It ultimately has much to do with compassion, being able to see the reality behind the confusion of life.

Happiness is your birth right.


What is your goal in life?

Transformation occurs in two ways. There are two ways of manifesting human awareness. One, pure knowledge as opposed to discriminating thought, and two, wisdom as opposed to intellectual wisdom, or enlightenment as opposed to rationality or rationalizing. So, we say we move, we have pure knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment, or intellectual wisdom, discerning thought, and rationality.

In the center of the heart is the place of perfection. It is the place of self-contained wisdom. It is here that transformation occurs. It is the coming together of the lower chakras with the pure knowledge, the highest understanding, and the removal of all misunderstanding, confusion, and ignorance. Where we just sit in the light of truth, here in the heart. This is what we want. If you must have a goal then this is the goal.

Study, reflect, and meditate. These steps must be followed in this order first. Listening, listening with more than just the ear. Listening to what is being said requires a deep taking in. In other words getting past our own perceptions, our own misunderstanding, our ignorance to that which is being taught. That’s why I say sometime, just keep an open mind, or open the heart and quiet the mind enough to listen.

Once we have listened that listening is deepened through contemplation. Contemplation is the means to looking at something for a great length of time in order for us to perceive it properly. Once we have done this reflecting or contemplation, contemplation by the way is deeper than concentration, then we actualize what we have listened to and contemplated upon by meditation. These steps that I’m giving you in the Bardo of life must go in this order. It is the process of awareness that we come by through listening and deepening our knowledge, and then actualizing it. Seeing the reality of it through meditation, you see.

We have only ourselves, and we have only the ability to grow through the integration of knowledge and experience. We must utilize the energies that we have. Whether they be negative energy or positive. Negative energies within ourselves need to be used as stepping-stones to balance.

In the western world we’re always in a hurry. We just say, give us the directions and we’ll use it. But you see, the path to Self-awareness cannot be rushed. There are many ill effects that will occur. We will not be balanced through rushing into and through what is given to us to study, reflect upon, and meditate upon. Study, reflect, meditate.

My your day be filled with contemplation


Ego is the gate keeper

I did mention ego in the last post. I want you to just think of ego as what we call the gate keeper. The ego is protecting its realm which is our self, our physical being, the small self; and it allows passage, so to speak, as a gate keeper. Just imagine that in your mind a little gate, it swings both ways. Therefore, allowing unconsciousness to become consciousness, and allowing conscious and unconsciousness to come together in order for us to have better understanding.

Duality is potentiality and actuality. So the question is, what is my potential in life? To understand that, we need to move ourselves from what I am to life to moving our thoughts to the actuality. Who am I? I am that I am. I am what I hold in my consciousness. We say in yoga, if I hold no-thing in the consciousness then I am sunyata, no-thing. No-thing is different than nothing, you see.

Ultimately, we are moving in the bardo of life to a state of liberation. Liberation of what? Liberation from the suffering of the impermanence that can take place. We suffer as we move through change. We need not be frightened of that suffering, because we are moving toward the Self-actualization, you see. It’s a matter of bringing into balance all that we are, and releasing ourselves from all we have believed ourselves to be. That should make good sense.

We have, all of us, the female principle within us, Wisdom. The path that we must follow to that wisdom is the practicing of the teachings. That’s what we know, you see.

In spite of what you may have heard, it is not that we want to kill the ego, no. The ego is the antithesis of cosmic consciousness and ego. This is what causes us pain, you see.

I hope my words provoke you to reflect on how you live your life.  We are far more complex than we actually realize.

I will stop for now. My blessing to you all.


We All Have 4 Poisons

As human beings we need a form to project ourselves onto. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, however, we must be able to get rid of all the excuses for why it is that we are not doing what really needs to be done in our life. That’s what the bardo of life is, the place for balance, balancing within ourselves. The only war that should be occurring is the war within ourselves, the fight against ignorance and the fight for clarity, you see.

When we speak of love we must come to the realization that if we want love then we must ask for it, and the moment that we ask for it we must be readily willing to suffer because of it. This is how it is as the human being. It is said, we have four poisons: emotions, feelings, memories, perceptions, and they all give us problems. One of the poisons is always stronger than the others. This is where we have imbalance. Every person has one poison, and I say they’re poisons or we understand them to be poisons, because they taint The Reality, The Truth, you see.

We start off as a whole, a whole circle, that’s what life is. It is you who differentiates between life and you. Life is unconscious, then we have the poisons, and the process of balancing these poisons, and the purpose is to differentiate, individuate. We have to come to know ourselves. One must know oneself. That is what Self-conscious is, and then we must remain oblivious to the rest of the world, and the personality self, and stay focused in the reality no matter what is going on around us. If not, then we can not individuate. Unless the ego acknowledges the presence of the ideas, the feelings, the memories, then Self-consciousness cannot take place. It is because of our past lives that one poison is more prominent than the other three, you see.

Ego is controlled by the four fold functions. As we get older in life we close up more, and more, and the ego becomes more selective. So much so that we only then look at our own culture, our own surroundings, you see that limitedness, its functions, our politics, our own religion, and this is not good. This is what I was referring to as clogged channels.

I realize that I’ve jumped around a little bit here, and taken you into many directions. We will bring them all back together nice and neatly, not to worry. But one of the main things that we are to do in life is to stop ourselves from getting bitter, you see. Bitterness is hard. Anger is vicious. So, the life wasn’t good, let’s say, when we were a child. How long are you going to hold onto that, and use that as an excuse to not be Self Conscious? These are the kinds of questions we must ask ourselves, you see.

I will tell you that we always get what we want, that’s true one way or another. I suppose the last question I would ask you is, “What is it you really want? How sincerely are you willing to give up all false perceptions, memories, emotional turmoil in order to know your true nature?

I will leave you with this.

Many blessings.


It’s All In Your Mind

We have all heard the saying, that it’s all in your mind or everything is in the mind, and that’s true. Things occur in the mind before they actually occur in the physical. There is only life that is symbolized by light that takes form. Now, these forms are what we are stuck with inside, whether they be good or bad. And in our heads these forms have a great amount of power. And these forms, and this power is what releases these projections. What happens with us is, because of our emotions, we don’t always want to see things how they really are. So, when the mind focuses on something we see it only the way we choose. That means, not with clarity. The mind is a filter, and sometimes the projections are acceptable to us and sometimes they’re not. We need to balance, come to know those things that we overlay or place in front of the reality and remove it. We see things the way we want to see them because that’s our karma, Saturn with conditioned constriction. This is why we stay frozen, or fixed just like we are.

In eastern philosophy, we understand that the ordinary human being moving from death to rebirth, or life, death, to rebirth, really doesn’t change that much, because we do not have the awareness to end negative things, and to use the positive qualities to bring about more awareness. We must try to see the world as it really is. Everyone thinks that they are seeing it exactly the way it is. That’s the problem, you see?

How about, if I said to you, through these perceptions, and choices to not see the reality of things we are hurting ourselves and each other. Because all we’re doing is playing a game, the game of delaying karmic reality. Try looking at life from that angle. Say to yourself, “Am I living my life playing the game of deception?” Because, then you can see just how slow our movement toward the reality is. We have to release ourselves eventually from the personality, but first we must come to understand our personality, who we are, why we do what we do. We all have the problems with emotions, like with each other, and the ones that are already spinning around inside of ourselves. We have problems with people not being truthful with us, believing that people want to be untruthful, or these things. Sometimes my disciples will say, “Well, I don’t know, this is getting rough. I don’t know if I want to be a disciple anymore.” And all we’re trying to do really is balance the projections. We don’t want to be manipulated, we don’t want to be deceived by another. But how about if I say to you, “There is no one deceiving you. There is only self-deception.”

Take the thoughts of love, relationships that are said to be based in love. Now, I will say to you that 99.9% of love relationships are having to do with only ourselves. In other words, it’s not so much that we actually love the other person, but our love is projected onto that person in expectations of what that person will or can do for us. In other words, we want something, and therefore we say, I love you. Now, The Ultimate Love of course, is not that way. Human love is a byproduct of Prem, Motiveless Love. Love itself has very heavy implications of commitment.

My love to you all