A Mothers Relationship With Her Child Is Karmic.

Having a child does not give one ownership. A child is not a possession to do with and how we see fit to fulfill our desires. A mother is not a good mother who makes her child an indentured servant to meet her expectations of love and acceptance.

A mothers relationship with her child is karmic, it’s a karmic bind created in some other lifetime. The child that you as a mother have now may have been your mother in a previous birth, or your father, your sister, brother, wife, husband, or possibly your child then also.

A True mother recognizes this bond with her child to be an opportunity to demonstrate undying, unconditioned love and acceptance. A True mothers love does not sour or diminish as she watches her child grow, learn, and expand moving out into the world. A True mothers love provides her with the opportunity to deepen Her understanding of emotional ties that are constantly rejuvenating Her inherent desire to give. She is the child’s example of love without expectations of self-gratification but, simply loving to love.

A bad mother may recite the words, “I love you”, to her child, every bit implying that of course, the child should love her in return. A True mother says, “I love you”, to her child, and it’s the feeling of truly being loved that moves the child to show the mother love and affection in return. A child knows the difference because, they have not shut down their emotions and their emotional responses. They either feel loved, or feel they are having expectation placed on them. The sad thing I see here is that the obligated child begins to display affection hoping to get a true feeling of love, just once. With all that I’ve said to you, is it any wonder to you why the child, especially I see here in the west, is so cavalier about love and sex. No I think not.

These children will go through extreme means to experience sensation. The unfulfilled sensuousness of a mothers love, touch, a voice that brings them comfort, affection that would consciously awaken a response to give. All people are children to me, and I love them. Animals, I love very much also.

I have seen for myself, many animal mothers who are far greater mother to their children then plenty of human mothers that I have come across. The animal mothers are tender, affectionate, patient, and giving, and they do not expect anything in return.

Whatever the ties were between a mother and a child of this life were in previous lives determined to bring about the emotional bond that they have now. The entire time the child spends in the mother’s womb, about ten months, the child is affected by the mothers every thought, feeling, emotion, and action. So, not only does the mothers physical intake affect the growth of the child but, everything about her, the mother, is infused into that child, happiness, upset, her entire way of being. Think about it, feel what I am saying to you. If you as a mother want happiness, respect to be given to you, you must first be The giver, and The nurturer of that. You have no right to expect it if you are not willing to give it.

So, I have to say our love starved children will go on to procreate for the same reasons a bad mother does. Only a very, very few children are strong enough to go beyond their emaciated little spirits and egos, and be truly loving individuals despite the lack of love they received. Only a very few will be able to use the knowledge of what was for them, and go on to love just because they can. For the bad mother, this makes them wiser than you. Wisdom is what a True mother instills and awakens in her child. Wisdom makes the bad mother resent the child. For somewhere in herself she knows by example, her example, the child learned how not to be.

If you are a mother in this life, or even if you’re not, you will be someone’s mother in some lifetime, you must always say to yourself, for me what kind of mother would I need to grow and flourish, and unfold into the kindest loving most successful person that I could possibly be. Hold those thoughts clearly in your mind. Feel the emotions that arise when you think of the mother you would need to be the best person you could be. If you are a mother strive to be that. If you’re not, hold those thoughts anyway, they are seeds for any future reincarnation.

My blessings to all mothers, to all children, to all beings. This child only knows how to mother. May you feel the love, the acceptance. May it nurture you, that you may find peace and happiness in yourself.



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