Do you understand the nature of things?

In the west, well, sex, relationships have been so clinically dissected. I fail to see in all of it where the love comes in, and of course, say nothing of karma between two people. DSM says that, menstruation is a problem, and this is making, of course, women inferior because they have this problem that affects them mentally, emotionally, and physically. But, I’m wondering about the problems of impotence, and the need for libido enhancers. Does this not affect the males mentally, emotionally, and of course, physically?       

Insurance companies, from what I understand, are willing to pay for libido enhancers for the males but, if it comes to this problem they call menstruation, which is not really a problem, it’s just a fact of life, thank The Goddess. Well, we have for this woman antidepressants, and so forth, because of this natural occurrence in the body. But you see, the only problem with menstruation is not that it exists, that’s part of nature Herself, the problem comes in when the woman menstruate, and her menstruation cycle process is off-balance. She’s not menstruating, or she’s menstruating too much. And yes, this has its physiological reason but, more so it’s karmic, that’s the truth of it. Therefore, psychoneuroimmunologic not just physical.

People write books, and they make a lot of money writing about sex, and the penis, and the clitoris, and relationship, inadequacies, and needs, and desires, and all those things. But, the truth is that they’re highly inaccurate. True knowledge comes about with understanding the nature of things. But, they cannot write about this because the writer themselves does not understand it. They can only write about the consequences of what is occurring due to the karmic binds that the person is in causing them to be this way, or that. Now, if they could write more, and teach about the truth perhaps the people would need less medicine if they could understand their nature. But, these writers are inadequate because they don’t understand it themselves.

The quality of a relationship of sex, of anything really, especially life, is far more important than say, the quantity of time, or in this cases, orgasmic trembles, or in the case of food, how many chicken legs can you eat for the price of one, or how many years you can live a life time, quality is everything, we know that in Yoga.

Did you know sexual instinct is inherent in womb born creatures. Of course, it starts with the ovum and sperm. Sexuality begins at conception. The infant is born with the awareness of sexuality, right. Because, a boy childs penis can become erect. Now, if the ego self identifies with the sex organ, then there is ego awareness in that tiny infant.

When two people are attracted to each other there had to be a relationship in a previous life. No matter what species they were, insect or people, doesn’t matter, animals. If they were sexual together in a previous life they will have the desire to be so again in this life. If they were partners before it may not necessarily be the same kind of relationship this time, you see. If they were partners before, and then in this life they are mother and son, the desires for one another, at a certain level, don’t get too squiggly here, may be the same. However, the relationship is different so these unconscious desires, of course, would be played out differently.

ancestral relationships were (and still today) never spoken of. It was (still is) forbidden to speak of them, not necessarily have them. Now, of course, the taboo of it, the wrongness of it, and the fact that, that wrongness is brought out more, revealed and spoken about has changed things.

Commonly, the male partner is the dominant partner, right. He makes his desire known, and the female responds. Well, she will only respond if there was a relationship between them in a previous life. Now, bear with me here, hopefully you will be able to see the point. If the female in this life initiates the relationship, say a sexual relationship to be specific, you can be sure that she was the male partner in the previous relationship. Even in the actual act of sexual union the act of who is on top, and who is on bottom is determined from previous relationships that they had together.

Karmically speaking, this is all very important to know. Why? You say, “It makes it all too complicated.” But remember, I said to you earlier, imagine if we really understood the nature of things. If the previous life relationship for two people was fulfilling for each person, and they meet again, which they most likely would, they may feel quite satisfied in just being with one another. Yes, the desire for sex may be present but, it will not be the obsessive compulsive quantity type of relationship, you know the orgasmic trembles, you know being like animals, you see. They may even not have any drive to be sexual at all, and this can intensify, even further their relationship.

Quantity sex is physically exhausting, and it makes the mind weak. You become like a rabbit, and you just want ego gratification. So, you may have multiple sex partners, or if two people have more of a mental relationship, the need for tension release for quick orgasmic sex is less. And the partner you’re with, you realize, is the only bond for you. This bond is like no other relationship. You share everything together, and when you are apart the memory of one another is one of beauty, and intensity, so much that you cannot bear to be apart. This is like the memory of the Divine which one is fixated on continuously lifetime after lifetime, and cannot bear even the thought of one moment without the memory. And of course, if one sees the Divine in this partner, then of course, they cannot bear to be apart. This of course, has nothing to do with sex.

I see that people have no time in their lives for sensual togetherness, touching, kissing, which is very important, and caressing, just lying quietly close to one another.

Humanity has regressed to an insensitive, impersonal level in relationships. True love occurs when a relationship has developed over many, many lifetimes of being together.

Did you know that marriage was invented as an institution? Remember, I mentioned male insecurity, the switching of the possessiveness. Married people come to me for counsel a lot. Mostly, because the marriage is dying or dead. They have forgotten their role in this play of Maya. Women have stuffed their emotions, they have forgotten how to be passionate. Males have lost their ability to control their passion, and direct its flow to him. Each of course, blaming the other, they remain in the karmic bind, to be played out again, and again

I say this to you, wake up to nature. Come to understand the nature of yourself, of everything, of life. We’re a part of nature, we’re never apart from it.

Many blessing. Awaken yourself. Don’t fear the truth. Fear not letting go of your ignorance.



The foundation of every relationship is touch.

 The foundation of every relationship, which is karmic remember, is touch. This begins with the child and the parent, particularly the mother. Thus, creating the feeling of being loved. When two people love each other they do everything to be absolutely as close to one another as possible. When they are apart they are longing for one another. This longing is due to duality. The longing of wanting to be one again. Remember, there is no gender in the primordial state. So, this longing I’m speaking of, creates the need to be together. Ultimately, at the human level, sexually. Women are receptive, the male is penetrative, hence vagina, penis, clitoris. The vagina being the receptacle of penis, if you will. Therefore, the female possesses the male.      

Now, since males have become more passive, and females more aggressive, men, the masculine ones, are now unstable. And they are, what we call, pathologically obsessed with possessiveness. Why? Because, they are insecure about their ability to fulfill the females desires. Yes, that’s true, just look about. All this upsurge of libido enhancers to insure the penis stays erect to satisfy the female. The masculine fear, the males fear that they are inadequate sexually and otherwise. They fear the partner will seek fulfillment else where. Hence, other partners, dildos, all the inventions of so called lasting pleasures. Men fear this so greatly that many times they will be sexually self gratifying themselves in secret, in private with blowup dolls, and whatever else has been invented. I know there are many things there but, I can’t help you with that, and women same thing because, they are not satisfied.      

Remember, we are still speaking karma here, don’t get lost. Men have become possessive of what? Their object of self fulfillment. Men want to be possessed to feel satisfied. Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter I’m telling you the way it is.       

For either one to truly be satisfied they must both fully enjoy each other, or the act of sex is merely a few seconds of orgasmic trembles. This of course, leads to the desire for more, and more. Remember, indulgence and greed, and greed equals indulgence. True loving lasts for days, and days or more, life times, oh this is true. In other words, you must be intent on bringing pleasure and satisfying your partner rather than immersed in your own self gratification.

Now, I have said to you, “Sex is all in the mind, period.” Males respond to caring feminine energy, or women. Women respond emotionally to the awakening of their passions.


Men are supposed to control the feminine.

Males, they are the embodiment of the spark of Shiva. Now, because everyone is so confused in the quagmires of karma, women have the tendency to suffocate their male partners, their masculine partners. And the masculine partners think that they should be dominating over the female. And they are extremely frustrated, and angry because, they have lost the memory. They do not know how to truly control the feminine.

I know this word, control the feminine, will probably send the woman’s hackle up her back. But, that’s only because you don’t really understand what I’m saying. Forcefulness will never do, the end results are hideous. The only way to control the feminine, or the woman is by love, if you want the right effect. 99.9% of the males, or masculine energy persons today have no idea how to truly control a woman, the feminine.

Now again, I know women you may not like this but, the truth is, that according to nature men are supposed to control the feminine, or woman. Careful here because, the egotistical male is saying, “Ha, I told you so.” But no, this has nothing to do with women being inferior, what so ever, no sir. Remember, women the feminine are different emotionally than men. They are more passionate than men. Men, the masculine beings, have forgotten how to be in a womans passion.

Listen, plain and simple, sex itself, the act is just the humans attempt to return to the primordial state. I have told you this before. We have just misdirected the energy due to our incompetence. You see, celibacy will not do for just anyone, or most people for that matter. But, properly guided energy will achieve the highest success. The tongue, the penis, the clitoris will take you soaring to heights unimaginable by most, or into depths of misery where, if you really understood them, you would never begin the journey.

Reflect, contemplate, meditate


What makes a good husband? What makes a good wife?

It is the greatest blessing to be born a human being as I have mentioned to you before; for the opportunity to die and transcend karmas is yours.

Now, you may think it’s too difficult to understand what I am trying to impart to you but, I have taken you full circle, we are back to the beginning of this topic, procreation, creation, genderlessness, the law of karma, cause and effect. Every cause has its effect, and every effect has its cause. For every action there is an opposite, or equal reaction, remember?

In the body there are two organs without bones, the tongue and the penis, or in women, the clitoris, both are moved by ego alone. Control them both, and you soar to the heights of success. Uncontrolled, misused even by one, one mistake you soar to the depths of the quagmires of ignorance. This is why I have always called upon Divine Mother, She fulfills my every need. I see Her in all of life. Many of the greatest Sages, and Saints were women, all Rishis were married to great house holders.

So, continuing I will ask you, when we are speaking of relationships of sorts, what makes one a great wife? What makes one the great husband? Well, the husband exists to provide stability, and direction, the wife is the one who sees to details. Now, I may be using these words, and they are interchangeable. It don’t matter to me what your relationship is, what your partnership is, be it opposite sex, or same-sex relationships. All relationships of this nature, that I’m speaking of, have one who is of more feminine qualities, and one who is of more masculine qualities. And of course, if it is an actual opposite sex relationship that’s obvious but, be careful we may learn differently here no matter what the body is.

The ancient scriptures did not discriminate against women. This discrimination process occurred much later in time. Earlier in this teaching, remember, I told you that Shiva is the rhythm. And in the relationship, or just between the relationship of Shiva and Shakti, Shakti is the tune. The point is, they are an equal partnership, one cannot exist without the other. Although I know this to also be so with relationships with the same gender but, many will disagree. But, this matters not to me, I know the truth.

Husbands are often very troubled, you know, bothered, tired, and they do get fed up easily. A truly good wife is the best friend, the advisor, always consoling the masculine. You see, she naturally shares in his karmas. She mothers him. In love-making she is most passionate. She is sensuous. She has every right to be somewhat demanding that her partner satisfy her sexually. A truly good wife always encourages her partner in their spiritual upliftment, for it is understood that the partner is doing their saddhana for her also. If the relationship between two people is balanced then the spiritual path is definitely the helm, if that makes sense. Hold each other up! Do not step on the face of the other.

Well, what makes a good husband, or male half of a relationship then? The good male half does his up most to satisfy the woman, or female, or the feminine ones desires, especially sex. Now, I am speaking very much from eastern philosophy, and psychology but, I am not staying exclusively there. I am telling you this is the way it should be. I don’t care if it’s western, or eastern, this is how it should be. This satisfaction, especially sexually, he must not fail at, he must not. In ancient scriptures it says exactly this, in one point, Parvati, Shiva’s wife is saying, “Among all the pleasures of a woman, (of the feminine), the greatest pleasure is to unite with a good man, or partner in private. And the misery which arises from its interruption is not equaled by any other.” You see, the masculine partners enjoyments of sex, and family life come from being able to satisfy the partner and the families desires. I believe, if you’re paying attention, you will find that I’m speaking of what you have already been taught, which is giving, giving on both parts, in their own way.

You see, a good wife desires are of benefit to the masculine partner anyway, directly, or indirectly. Remember, the relationship is mutual, that is, both are doing all they can for each other, that is, giving. Now, I will tell you, this type of relationship is rare to nonexistent these days. Why? Because, no one knows what they’re doing. Women do not even know that they are the embodiment of Shakti. Why? Because, their karmas are so obscuring. I will tell you a woman who knows she is the embodiment of Shakti, now, she is something else. (So it is said!)

I will stop here.


Dabbling in the spirit world leads to the worst hells.


I would like to continuing  speaking about karmas, and relationships. For just one moment just forget here all that I’ve said to you thus far, and remember this, when your heart is melted by your intense love and devotion to your Beloved then you will stop trying to dazzle your Beloved with what you think you know, and learn what you need to know to be free of the binds of your ignorance.

The Guru will only give secrets of sacred knowledge, and the means of attainment to the most trusted disciples. These teachings are not necessarily written teachings, and they are what the Guru never just speaks out right about.

The true essence of the ethereal realms is unknown to most. The Guru is dealing in planes of existence that we know nothing about. This is why the Guru spends most of their time alone, for the work to be done right. Sensation and outer stimulations must be minimized.

You know I will gladly speak about the ethereal realm, and ethereal beings with those of you who are sincere seekers, sometime. I’m not really interested in sharing that knowledge to quell anyone’s curiosities, and not that I really know much of anything at all. I will tell this, to dabble in books, and the ridiculous things that people do, having to do in the spirit world, more often than not leads to the worst hells, the most terrifying of hells that you cannot even imagine. I would never want the karmas of the one who dabbles in the spirit realm. And there are many who think they know what they’re doing. The hells suffered for such karma is limitless in time. If you are human dabbling, or having dabbled in the ethereal spirit realm in past lives you are most likely plagued by spirits of the nature of your own dabbling.



Sunday Post: Colorful

This is a photo of a reflection on my kitchen tile every evening. There is a crystal hanging in the window and when the sun goes down the reflection of the rainbow goes to the bottom the counter to the top of my counter top it is so beautiful to watch.



Do you know your relevent truths you live by?

Once you have a Guru, and your karmas are projecting all over the place, there is no limit to the tests you will endure. You will be pushed to all the limits. You will be learning to perform all actions without your individual will but, through the will of Divine, through the will of nature Herself. This is what is meant by dying while still alive. The mental effects of what I’m telling you now are most important.

To truly understand that your death is fixed at the moment of birth means you understand the need to release karmas from the casual body, rid yourself of them. Clear the mind of its attachments to the body which, keeps you in your perpetual desire. Then you may live in the physical doing just as you please for you are beyond duality. You must rid yourself of the duality of pleasure, and pain, curiosity, and boredom. All your desirables, and undesirables, you see, attachments and aversions. You must become fearless in order to live in the world, and not be of it.

Almost no one can even partially fathom how many horrible, heinous acts are committed each second, murders, rapes, deceptions, cheats, coercion, tons of karma. Imagine if you or anyone else really knew the consequences of their actions. Perhaps, people would fear karma so much that they would actually think their actions through before doing anything. Because, the fear of consequence would be so great. However, even this fear must be irradiated also. Because, everything is going according to natures plan.

Cycles within cycles are occurring simultaneously. Every act committed has significance. Everyone must learn to love life just as it is. Everything occurring is due to the play of the three gunas, tamas, rajas, sattva. All is due to the laws of karma, all is a part of nature.

When fear is gone then you are completely open to the world, and the world  completely opens up to you. You, at that point, have no desire to take anything from anyone. All you can do is give because, you have nothing you are attached to. The realization being that you are everything, and everything is you. You actually posses everything within this tiny universe, and therefore, you realize there is nothing left to desire. You are free, and that I guarantee you is a peacefulness that very few possess, very few.

Oh, you may have some sort of degree under your belt, and feel you possess hordes of knowledge which in turn makes you somebody with a bunch of letters or something by your name. But, I guarantee you when you go through the rigorous school of teacher and disciple you do realize you possess very little to no knowledge. And what happens? Your ego personality suffers greatly. The strenuous blows of being dissected like the worm in a science class. (laughter, laughter) Ugh, I say it with humor, only because I know it, I watch it.

Separating from the binds of karma that you define your existence with, you are free to live in the world but not of it. You are then a being of true acceptance. You become an upper class one, if you’ll forgive that little humor. You have refined knowledge once forgotten. You now depend on the knowledge of clairvoyance, clairaudience, rather than someone else’s opinions, relevant truths that you have taken on as your own to define you and who you are.

All that I’ve said to you thus far is not for the ordinary being. Only ones with a very special temperament will even attempt such difficult schooling. Not everyone wants their degree in truth.

I will stop here. Thank you for your patience as I try to unfold the truth, that you may understand it.


FOOD, SEX, SLEEP: The Three most difficult indulgences to overcome!!!!!!!

The single most important thing on the path to true knowledge is to remain firm at the helm, therein lies the problem. Maintaining a firm mind while you are being bashed about is the truest test of anyone. To die daily while living the life, and remaining determined will take you out of the storm of ignorance. That is, detachment from all ego possessiveness, especially, attachment to your body. To do this you must begin to modify, restrict the three most difficult attachments for most people to overcome, food, sex, and sleep.

Sleep we say, is the little death. No matter how much consciously you attain truth if it is not stuck to memory then the effects of that truth are erased in your sleep. So, if you take in a teaching, and you suck it up for the sake of having knowledge to dazzle someone with, or to say you know something; in other words, no intention to practice what you’ve learned; to commit it to memory so that it begins to sprout seeds of change, then it’s gone. In sleep the mind is overcome with darkness.

Now, food this is a difficult one for 99.9% of humanity. They eat too much, they eat too little, they struggle with supplements, when to eat, how to eat, where to eat, eating on the run. Basically, food has a tendency, for most, to make them sleepy. And sex is draining, and it makes you tired.

These three things especially keep a person bound to bodily attachment. The more you take in the more you desire more, indulgence and greed, and greed leads to indulgence. If you decrease food then you increase your thirst for knowledge. To spiritually progress, this is the only way.

Even music in the west is a problem of this indulgence and greed. Because, people tend to listen to certain music to get into a particular mood, or if already they are having the mood they want to enhance it, or suppress it. So, they play this loud noise, or they play certain music with particular lyrics that causes them to go deeper into the mood which increases the ignorance. I personally see a great deal of this in country music. It’s just what I see, you know, so and so killed so and so, and left so and so now I’m out to dry, or something, I don’t know. It’s all quite ridiculous to me.

So, moods are intoxicating, and the mind grows weak because of it. Meat eaters I think they suffer greatly because, to eat meat means you must kill and eat another sentient life to be a meat eater. Now, people say to me, “But, I didn’t kill the cow. I only bought its carcass at the super market. Someone else killed the cow.” But, you expected that cow would be killed for your consumption. So, how is that any different? To be a meat eater, and not be affected karmically one must be able to insure the animal that was eaten attains a higher life. Now, who do you know that can do this?

As far as sleep, you must learn to decrease the amount, or learn to control your dreams. Now, we have discussed this. Basically, what I’ve said here is that one must learn to rid themselves of involuntary stimulations of the senses. Do you understand? You know, like the knee jerk thing.

I will stop here.


Do you have the light of true perception?

To be enlightened does not mean you have some kind of vision. This huge light. It means that you have lightened your burdens of karmas through penance, and with the Gurus grace. It means having the light of true perception. Being able to see truth without relevant interpretations. Religion is always about relevant interpretation. Yoga is a rigorous path of moving oneself from the darkness of ignorance to light. I always tell the child who comes to me, “You must use what you have where you are to get beyond it.”

Atman, the Soul, and samsara are real. Samsara, remember, is manifested from Atman, the One. But, we must come to directly perceive our self created illusion that separates ourselves from the true Self. I often tell a child, “You must embrace the ego, you must embrace the darkness that you have created in order to see the light of truth. Take it on don’t run from it.”

You see, in the Upanishads there is a beautiful prayer. It says, “Lead me from untruth to truth. Lead me from darkness into light. Lead me from mortality into immortality.” Very beautiful.

Many people wrestle with untruth. I hear them say, “Well, your truth is not my truth”, or some ridiculous thing like that. Untruth is simply this, the world and its limitations of form. If there is limitations then it is not truth. Truth is beyond all limitations. Darkness is merely the cloud of the mind enveloped by ignorance. The light of truth is in everyone, it is the True Self. You must wail like a baby, and force the Shakti to unite with Shiva. To be successful you must embrace the darkness, the ignorance, and force your way back to the light.

Every single individual creates their own ignorance, this is the way it is. We have no one else to blame for our own ignorance. No one did it to you, no one is doing it to you. It is yours and yours alone, to hold on to, or to lift and see clearly. Everyone fears Shakti. Why? Because, they cannot control her, you see. She is unmanifest, She is undying, She is the permanence that people know nothing about. Shiva is the permanent Reality. You must harness the Shakti, and bring the permanence of light into your consciousness. This is the lila of the Guru and disciple relationship. The problem is that many times once a person has a small taste of the truth it swells, the ego personality bursting, like beyond the limits. You see, all paths of reverent knowledge trap us, encase us within our own limitations. Ego knowledge is the worst, the worst. It makes people think they are something. This is what makes people go out in the world, and want to make all others right their wrongs. When in fact this over swollen ego knowledge filled personality has not even righted their own wrongs. Yet, they feel compelled to make others do what they themselves have not done.