In Response To All The Bullying: Homosexuality Is Intrinsic Part 1

I open with deepest reverence and respect of all sentient life. We are all children of The Divine. No religion, no government, no culture, no race, no creed will ever change that. Love is the seed, sustenance and that which we dissolve into at death. Love and Truth must be the foundation of all relationships. Have faith in your self and one another. We are not apart from life; we are all a part of life.

The spiritual, psychological and sexual suffering/pain of humankind will not diminish until the oppression and hatred born of egotistical separateness fed by the   “holier than thou” attitude is transcended in love. Apathy will not do. Our willingness to remain ignorant and not take personal responsibility will continue to let us walk blindly in the path of dogmas we readily accept as truth.

Relationships are how we as humans serve the Divine presence in one another. Sexual union is a form of intimately expressing love between two people. In a consecrated relationship we are devoted to one another in heart and soul, mind and body.

Since time immemorial love has been expressed. The one form of love’s expression under constant scrutiny is that love between two human beings. This was not always so. Love cannot be divided. However, according to humankind the concepts of love and the manmade laws governing the rules of expressing love have inhibited the flow of its pure presence. Who we love and how we express that love is nice and neatly limited to two factors it seems – sex and gender. This factor of predetermination is decided by religion and politics, which are not separate from one another. Sex of course is based on the biological act, which is saved for the sole purpose of procreation, oh yes, and man’s pleasure. And gender is based on identity of species. This appears to suggest that all consecrated relationships of union in love are between a male and female exclusively, therefore, completely negates ones of inherent homosexual orientation.

At this point I raise the question, what about the nature of a person? The nature of a person is predetermined before birth. The free expression of that nature is vital to living a balanced, happy, fulfilled life, which is everyones birthright. Each and every one of us is an integral part of life. None are apart from it. We are all born from love, to love, and be loved, and return to love. In essence love has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Yet the freedom to express one’s love for another has always included same sex relationships. Be it through affection, intimacy, and/or the actual act of love’s expression, through sexual union itself. It is not the nature of all beings to desire to procreate. It is the nature of all beings to love and be loved. To whom and how we express that love should never be confused with gender. It should never include power over another. It should not include violence of any nature.

There is nothing deviant about love. Deviance can only exist in the mind. This is where condemnation of same sex relationships is kept alive and grotesquely distorted, in the minds of the deviant. In the minds of the ignorant, love and the act of sexual union between two individuals of the same sex cannot be separated, nor can the ignorant mind fathom the reality of love and the expression of love through sexual union between same sex individuals being possible. Have we forgotten love is in the heart and sex is in the mind?

May Blessing to all sentient being


Swami Shubhrananda


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