Homosexuality Is Intrinsic Part 2

In ancient societies, that is not with god the father, homosexual characteristics were recognized and accepted in ones off spring. Everyone has a place in a given society no matter what their sexual orientation is. Therefore, all persons need be accepted according to their nature and have the right to develop into healthy, happy beings. In modern society however, this is not the case. Just as people fear color rubbing off, people fear homosexuality as though it is a disease that can overtake the heterosexual person. The only disease to fear in this case is that of the ignorant mind, the mind filled with wrong thought that gives rise to wrong action. This is due to wrong understanding, narrow concepts, and the distortion of truth, leaving a society that prides itself in tolerance at best and only if homosexuality doesn’t enter their realm of existence, their family, their neighborhoods, their work place. Should we not awaken to the reality of the impossibility of such a fantasy? Or will we continue our violent means of genocide, ignoring, shaming, hating, ridiculing, abusing, persecuting, and yes, killing? Homosexuality, remember, has been since time immemorial, and will continue to be forever more. In the name of religion and so-called moral righteousness, we can remove basic human rights but never can the nature of a person be destroyed, only distorted. Herein lies the cause of sexual deviance in the homosexual relationship. Parents deny their homosexual children and attempt by force to make them be like everyone else. Thus we see the psychological harm created by fear. These psychological ramifications lead a child into shame and self punishment. Love is no longer the basis of relationships but the need to be loved and accepted becomes even more paramount and the means to attain it can and does become a dark vicious cycle often leading to self-destructive patterns in desperation.

Often in counsel gay people have told me, “If I had a choice I wouldn’t be gay”.   To be gay is not a choice. How one lives their life as a gay person is a choice. Of course this is not solely true for we are all impacted by the ignorance of religion, and society, and government decisions. The rejection of these influential organizations has led the homosexual people to use the forceful means used against them, unfortunately. In an attempt to live a healthy, happy, fulfilling life homosexuals have adopted pride as a motto out of pain, fear, and the basic right, and need of love and acceptance. Homosexuals have sought with force to overcome the religious manmade concepts of a father God dominated religious structure backed by a fearful society willingly oppressed in government sanctions, all of which are manmade. How do we say we are “one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all”, and not see the hypocrisy of these words? Why do homosexuals continue to force their way into religions not accepting of their very nature? When really it is God’s acceptance being sought. The fearful, bigoted person is not going to accept the homosexual nature. When will the homosexual nature accept that and go on? Perhaps it would be wise if the homosexual society would look closely at its reactionary ways to its own suppression out of fear of its oppressors. Indignation expressed in pride, rejection, prejudice, forced acceptance is simply the carried out traditions of the oppressors, is it not?

The disease, Aids is a label associated with homosexuals, however, it is a disease of both heterosexuals and homosexuals alike. It has no boundaries as we well know. It is said when irreligion is predominant, promiscuity will increase in people of all genders. Sexual abuse and promiscuity are foremost here. Children and women are the exploited ones. By nature children and women are loving, accepting, and forgiving. Homosexual males are of this nature also. The world we live in is largely heterosexuality male dominated. Love and acceptance are seen as a threat to the powers that lurk in the insidious darkness of its ignorance. According to eastern philosophy the intrinsic nature and sex of a person is determined at the moment of conception. If our choice is to be parents then it is our duty to nurture, encourage, and enhance the nature and good qualities of the child. This in turn purifies the parents’ hearts, and assures the healthy, happy growth of the child’s heart, mind, body, and spirit. We cannot exclude and discourage anyone because of their nature, be it homosexual or heterosexual. Not everyone is born into this world to procreate. The traditional roles of male/female relationships have and will always have their place. Homosexuals have never been a threat in the lives of procreationists, only in their minds. Heterosexuals pose a threat in the lives of homosexuals only because of the power of hatred born of fear and therefore the need to suppress that which is misunderstood, or worse kill it rather than accept it. We willingly accept the many species and their variations of Mother Nature with the predominate exception of ourselves with one another. If the belief is that we are all a reflection of the image of God, how is it we fail to truly see that, accept that truth and live by it? At the very center of each and every individual lies the same seed. The seed of Divinity. The only difference is the wilfulness to remain ignorant or the willingness to accept the light of truth.

Spiritually speaking, there is no difference between us. God is not judging you. God is the silent witness in our journey of remembrance that we are equal in Gods love. No one is more or less a child of God. Eventually we all arrive in our nature, Love without cause or reason. We are all inseparable in spite of our differences.

Love is the key
Truth is the answer
Faith is the path

Accept  as you wish to be accepted
Forgive as you also seek forgiveness
Choose knowledge over ignorance
Feed and nurture the good
qualities in one another
and weed out the limitations
that keep us separate.
Unfold the petals of your heart
Rid your mind of incongruities
that we may clearly
experience the
Divine Nature in one another.
I in you and you in me.

Deepest Blessings

Shubhrananda Swami


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