What is Karmic Debt? Part 1

Namaste. I find it very important that we need to speak a little more about karma, relationships. And you may find that this talk together might be a little difficult, if I could use that word. However, necessary for the sake of understanding ourselves as human being. Understanding the nature of being human, and simply the nature of things.

Ultimately speak, there is no such thing as gender. To the everyday person there is male and female, or men and women, if you will. Even so, I’m certain that neither, women or men, know the natural differences between the two. Both women and men misunderstand each other greatly. I have mentioned before that women have become much more aggressive, and men have become more passive.

Nature created gender for Her own purpose. People come together in relationship, people copulate if you will, because of karma to be specific. To be even more specific because of karmic debt between them. Now remember, all relationships have to do with karma, cause and effect.

We are born for one purpose, that purpose being to realize the Atman, the Eternal Soul. We are not just this mind and body. Karma is not eternal, as some may have you believe, or you may just believe it on your own. All karma can be transcended.

You know, we can understand better the law of karma through Newton’s law of motion, for every action there is an equal but, opposite reaction. Important to realize is that there is really no difference between action and reaction since they depend on each other, as they are in relationship with one another. Action equals reaction, reaction equals action, cause and effect.
Every seed has potential. If you know the potential then you will know what will come from the seed, you see.

Listen, if you believe there is no end to action and reaction then most likely you feel trapped in this quagmire of existence. I can see how many believe it is possible to realize the self. But, I can also see that there are many who find in themselves this to be an impossibility but, I tell you it is possible. It has nothing to do with God favoring you or not. Remember, God is not hateful, angry, or unjust, only human beings are. We are the ones who limit God through our own projections. To rid yourself of karma you must first realize that all karma is simply debt, period.

Karma between two people can only occur if there is the bondage of debt between them. For example, if someone thieves something from you, steals from you, you can be certain there is a debt owed between you. You owe the thieving person something, otherwise, they could not steal from you. Most likely, you have stolen from them in the past. From your past action you have created this reaction, remember, cause and effect. Now, pay attention, the thief is therefore, not accruing karma. If, and only if, they do not self identify with the thieving they do. You may shoot them with your gun, or they may be caught and have to go to jail. Yes, it is unwise to steal, no doubt about that, still we must realize it is simply karma working itself out, manifesting.

When we self identify with our actions, this is what creates karma through the ego binding itself to the limitations, ones’ “I” personality, remember. Only the ego can self identify. For instance, I am this, I am that, I am a girl, I am a boy, I am an American citizen. This self identifying goes on, and on until we die. The ego self identifies with the body constantly. And worse it identifies with all the actions the body performs. So, what I’m saying is, the ego is constantly trying to protect itself by not repaying karmic debt, which we owe. Consequently, then new karmas are created. Do you see how that works?

I will stop here.





One comment on “What is Karmic Debt? Part 1

  1. Your article leaves a lot to think about. I am a strong believe in Karma and what goes around, comes around. Thus, I try to live by the golden rule to save myself heartbreak. Sometime it pays off, sometimes not.

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