What is Karmic Debt? Part 2

Let’s start with say, you and I have karmic debt, if I am wise, I will see to it the debt is repaid. People love to be repaid, they don’t like to pay back, this is what results in karma. So, say whatever my karmic debts are, I want to be sure to pay them off. This is what assures us of Self Realization. It matters not if these karmic debts paid off result in us being miserable or not, nothing more can be taken except the value of the debt owed.

The problem is this, the moment there is resistance, mentally or otherwise, we create new karma. The same would be for myself, and another, if payment is do, I would be wise to only take what is due me, no more, no less. One great thing about all of this, of course, would be to know what the karmic debts are. The problem comes in not knowing, and then taking advantage of this that I’m speaking to you of, this attitude of owing, paying, repaying. The more you take advantage, that is, the more you take and accept more than what is due to you, then the more you bind yourself karmically.

The more your karmic debt are effaced, the closer to Self Realization you become. Merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream, life is but the memory of all ones karmic debts from the many previous births. These memories are stored in our casual body. Remember, there is the physical body, astral body, and the casual body, three bodies. The karmas are projected for fulfillment when the time is right. If you have been one who has given a lot in your previous births, then many people will be indebted to you. If you have been one who has taken in many previous births, then you will have to be taken from, a lot in this life. Be careful here, if you feel you have given a lot, and you are owed, and you do not allow the other person to repay you all on their own, and you take from them for your own self-gratification, definitely your ego is binding you karmically like quick drying cement, think of it that way, you see.

I’ll use a little more of a graphic example, hopefully it will give you understanding. If two people come together, and one has the debt of owing sex to the other, and the other forces that one to have sex, rape I believe it’s called, instead of allowing the one to have sex willingly, then karma is accrued immediately by the taker. Now, understand this forcing can be subtle don’t forget. Coercion, say, with guilt or the such, if the repaying of the debt does not occur by their free will then you accrue the karma.

Karma is more than, “what goes  around comes  around.”

My blessings to you all



One comment on “What is Karmic Debt? Part 2

  1. I have become somewhat reclusive in this life. In days past, I used to give my all, now I fell burned out, like I have little left to share. Although, I do feel like things are getting better. How do you know where the line is drawn between lifetimes?

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