What is Karmic Debt? Part 5

I have been called a trouble maker, and I know that there is some truth to it, in that, I know by trouble one will be forced to change. I know that in the causing of ones karmas in ones casual body to be projected, ones bad karmas can be eliminated, and the evil tendencies will be purged from the casual body of that being. Now, this inevitably brings great misery, and suffering along with it. No one wants that responsibility. Everyone wants to avoid the bad karmas, and reap the goodies of the good karmas.

I am not an easy person to get on with. I am relentless at times, and uncompromising. Some get very angry with me because they realize it’s futile to argue with me on many things, especially, spiritual matters. Whenever things get rough in a persons life, and they come to me for advice, I tell them how to change the situation. Inevitability every sort of barricade goes up. When all attempts to avoid doing the one thing that will change their life have been exhausted then perhaps they will turn to the truth. Now mind you, this may take months, I have seen it take years. Because, I may be unwavering in my answers to them, and often I have to say, “Perhaps, I am no good for you.” Because, no matter what, they will not change. They will not accept responsibility, and I have no tolerance for incompetence.

Listen, we are still speaking of karmas here. I wonder if you understand any or some of what I have said. Have your own barricades got in the way? Hopefully not. You see, knowledge can be found in many places. But, until you practice what you’ve learned it’s merely an intellectual adventure. Many people have come to me saying, they want to be taught about this and that, taught about birth and death, and how to live the life. I am human, and I’m called GURUJI, I know that no matter what I teach, whether it matters or not, or has any relevance to a person, much of it is just stored data never put into practice. But, people always want more, and more data.

Well, I will stop here for now. We’ll speak together again soon.

Deepest blessings.



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