What is a True Guru?

People will ask me about past life teachings, and often I ask, “For what reason do you need to know these things? What will you do with that knowledge once you have it?” The answer, “I don’t know.” So, I say, what’s the point.

A true Guru teaches the child, and forces the child to learn by repetitiously rubbing their face in the dirt of it all until the child learns the lesson. Many a person has come and gone. Even those who call themselves disciples. Why? Because, the ego of those persons is so self identified with the body. It refuses to let go of that karma.

I say, it appears that the person gets great enjoyment in the pain at some level. By rubbing their face in the dirt, the problem that is, they are continuously reminded that the answer to change is right there. All they need to do is take action. If they are not ready to accept the responsibility they will suffer. All the while enjoying the willfulness of holding on to their attachment. This I call, pseudo power. Since the karmas are dropped off and projected from the casual body they will be active causing misery until the person is able to use free will to consciously change.

If only one disciple does the necessary work to change, the Guru is satisfied. The Guru will rip a disciple to pieces to make sure they learn their lessons. And at some point the disciple knows they cannot and have not made the wrong decision. The disciple, having had the ego personality effaced by the Guru, knows the “I” personality is destroyed, and the right choice has been made, and there is never a doubt in that person.

I can tell you I have been tested by many, as it should be. Those students who have remained know, without any doubt, they have made a decision to better their life because, they know that this is as it should be. This is why we are in the human body.

It is said, once you have taken the Guru as your own you must stick with them. Now, there is no doubt many people go from one Guru to another, to another, Guru hopping. If a person does this they are sure to fail. It is impossible to serve two masters. It is impossible to serve God, and the ego. It is impossible to serve evil, and good, so to speak. It is impossible to serve two Gurus, and expect to succeed at the goal of Self Realization.

This duality creates indecisiveness, and confusion. Causing the disciple, or student to remain in calculating whether one teacher is more profitable at a given time than another. And you will inevitably make bad choices due to the ego personality. When you find a Guru for yourself stick with them no matter what. It is said that we choose the Guru that is right for us. Karma will not be dissolved in this case but, accrued.

Now, this is a difficult process for many because, most can not love the Guru. They are loving the external personality. The student, the disciple must learn to love the perennial personality. The Shiva consciousness, which the Guru is trying to instill in you. It’s Shakti attempting to reunite with Shiva, as I said to you earlier. This is what is meant by loving yourself.

The true Guru loves the Atman in all beings. You need not be concerned about loving all beings, just learn to love this one being properly. The true Guru loves you much more than you can conceive of because, the Guru is in love with the infinite. The Guru is compassion, and is wanting to make you their own, the One.



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