Do you have the light of true perception?

To be enlightened does not mean you have some kind of vision. This huge light. It means that you have lightened your burdens of karmas through penance, and with the Gurus grace. It means having the light of true perception. Being able to see truth without relevant interpretations. Religion is always about relevant interpretation. Yoga is a rigorous path of moving oneself from the darkness of ignorance to light. I always tell the child who comes to me, “You must use what you have where you are to get beyond it.”

Atman, the Soul, and samsara are real. Samsara, remember, is manifested from Atman, the One. But, we must come to directly perceive our self created illusion that separates ourselves from the true Self. I often tell a child, “You must embrace the ego, you must embrace the darkness that you have created in order to see the light of truth. Take it on don’t run from it.”

You see, in the Upanishads there is a beautiful prayer. It says, “Lead me from untruth to truth. Lead me from darkness into light. Lead me from mortality into immortality.” Very beautiful.

Many people wrestle with untruth. I hear them say, “Well, your truth is not my truth”, or some ridiculous thing like that. Untruth is simply this, the world and its limitations of form. If there is limitations then it is not truth. Truth is beyond all limitations. Darkness is merely the cloud of the mind enveloped by ignorance. The light of truth is in everyone, it is the True Self. You must wail like a baby, and force the Shakti to unite with Shiva. To be successful you must embrace the darkness, the ignorance, and force your way back to the light.

Every single individual creates their own ignorance, this is the way it is. We have no one else to blame for our own ignorance. No one did it to you, no one is doing it to you. It is yours and yours alone, to hold on to, or to lift and see clearly. Everyone fears Shakti. Why? Because, they cannot control her, you see. She is unmanifest, She is undying, She is the permanence that people know nothing about. Shiva is the permanent Reality. You must harness the Shakti, and bring the permanence of light into your consciousness. This is the lila of the Guru and disciple relationship. The problem is that many times once a person has a small taste of the truth it swells, the ego personality bursting, like beyond the limits. You see, all paths of reverent knowledge trap us, encase us within our own limitations. Ego knowledge is the worst, the worst. It makes people think they are something. This is what makes people go out in the world, and want to make all others right their wrongs. When in fact this over swollen ego knowledge filled personality has not even righted their own wrongs. Yet, they feel compelled to make others do what they themselves have not done.



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