Do you know your relevent truths you live by?

Once you have a Guru, and your karmas are projecting all over the place, there is no limit to the tests you will endure. You will be pushed to all the limits. You will be learning to perform all actions without your individual will but, through the will of Divine, through the will of nature Herself. This is what is meant by dying while still alive. The mental effects of what I’m telling you now are most important.

To truly understand that your death is fixed at the moment of birth means you understand the need to release karmas from the casual body, rid yourself of them. Clear the mind of its attachments to the body which, keeps you in your perpetual desire. Then you may live in the physical doing just as you please for you are beyond duality. You must rid yourself of the duality of pleasure, and pain, curiosity, and boredom. All your desirables, and undesirables, you see, attachments and aversions. You must become fearless in order to live in the world, and not be of it.

Almost no one can even partially fathom how many horrible, heinous acts are committed each second, murders, rapes, deceptions, cheats, coercion, tons of karma. Imagine if you or anyone else really knew the consequences of their actions. Perhaps, people would fear karma so much that they would actually think their actions through before doing anything. Because, the fear of consequence would be so great. However, even this fear must be irradiated also. Because, everything is going according to natures plan.

Cycles within cycles are occurring simultaneously. Every act committed has significance. Everyone must learn to love life just as it is. Everything occurring is due to the play of the three gunas, tamas, rajas, sattva. All is due to the laws of karma, all is a part of nature.

When fear is gone then you are completely open to the world, and the world  completely opens up to you. You, at that point, have no desire to take anything from anyone. All you can do is give because, you have nothing you are attached to. The realization being that you are everything, and everything is you. You actually posses everything within this tiny universe, and therefore, you realize there is nothing left to desire. You are free, and that I guarantee you is a peacefulness that very few possess, very few.

Oh, you may have some sort of degree under your belt, and feel you possess hordes of knowledge which in turn makes you somebody with a bunch of letters or something by your name. But, I guarantee you when you go through the rigorous school of teacher and disciple you do realize you possess very little to no knowledge. And what happens? Your ego personality suffers greatly. The strenuous blows of being dissected like the worm in a science class. (laughter, laughter) Ugh, I say it with humor, only because I know it, I watch it.

Separating from the binds of karma that you define your existence with, you are free to live in the world but not of it. You are then a being of true acceptance. You become an upper class one, if you’ll forgive that little humor. You have refined knowledge once forgotten. You now depend on the knowledge of clairvoyance, clairaudience, rather than someone else’s opinions, relevant truths that you have taken on as your own to define you and who you are.

All that I’ve said to you thus far is not for the ordinary being. Only ones with a very special temperament will even attempt such difficult schooling. Not everyone wants their degree in truth.

I will stop here. Thank you for your patience as I try to unfold the truth, that you may understand it.



3 comments on “Do you know your relevent truths you live by?

  1. I have to wonder if fearlessness is not along the lines of ‘let go and let God’? I used to worry about everything that came down the pike, now (as I’ve gotten older), I don’t worry about much of anything. I am happy to wake up in the morning, listening to the birds sing, as I contemplate loose plans for the day. I’ve learned to be flexible. In my younger years, my worries always focused on tomorrow and at some point I realize you waste a lot of today in the meantime. I don’t have a guru, but I do feel like I’ve come a long way in learning to relax and appreciate life as it comes.

    • Dear One,
      It is good to read that “you have come a long way in learning? to relax & APPRECIATE life as it comes?” Be assured that patriarchy is most pleased with your appealing complacent BELIEF, “let go & let god=fearlessness” esp. when FEAR god the father is the mantra of indoctrination as western christiandom actually believes themselves to be the warriors of the father god here for two main reasons: 1. POWER over All
      2. conversional force
      Fearless is VULNERABILITY Mataji

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