Dabbling in the spirit world leads to the worst hells.


I would like to continuing  speaking about karmas, and relationships. For just one moment just forget here all that I’ve said to you thus far, and remember this, when your heart is melted by your intense love and devotion to your Beloved then you will stop trying to dazzle your Beloved with what you think you know, and learn what you need to know to be free of the binds of your ignorance.

The Guru will only give secrets of sacred knowledge, and the means of attainment to the most trusted disciples. These teachings are not necessarily written teachings, and they are what the Guru never just speaks out right about.

The true essence of the ethereal realms is unknown to most. The Guru is dealing in planes of existence that we know nothing about. This is why the Guru spends most of their time alone, for the work to be done right. Sensation and outer stimulations must be minimized.

You know I will gladly speak about the ethereal realm, and ethereal beings with those of you who are sincere seekers, sometime. I’m not really interested in sharing that knowledge to quell anyone’s curiosities, and not that I really know much of anything at all. I will tell this, to dabble in books, and the ridiculous things that people do, having to do in the spirit world, more often than not leads to the worst hells, the most terrifying of hells that you cannot even imagine. I would never want the karmas of the one who dabbles in the spirit realm. And there are many who think they know what they’re doing. The hells suffered for such karma is limitless in time. If you are human dabbling, or having dabbled in the ethereal spirit realm in past lives you are most likely plagued by spirits of the nature of your own dabbling.



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