The foundation of every relationship is touch.

 The foundation of every relationship, which is karmic remember, is touch. This begins with the child and the parent, particularly the mother. Thus, creating the feeling of being loved. When two people love each other they do everything to be absolutely as close to one another as possible. When they are apart they are longing for one another. This longing is due to duality. The longing of wanting to be one again. Remember, there is no gender in the primordial state. So, this longing I’m speaking of, creates the need to be together. Ultimately, at the human level, sexually. Women are receptive, the male is penetrative, hence vagina, penis, clitoris. The vagina being the receptacle of penis, if you will. Therefore, the female possesses the male.      

Now, since males have become more passive, and females more aggressive, men, the masculine ones, are now unstable. And they are, what we call, pathologically obsessed with possessiveness. Why? Because, they are insecure about their ability to fulfill the females desires. Yes, that’s true, just look about. All this upsurge of libido enhancers to insure the penis stays erect to satisfy the female. The masculine fear, the males fear that they are inadequate sexually and otherwise. They fear the partner will seek fulfillment else where. Hence, other partners, dildos, all the inventions of so called lasting pleasures. Men fear this so greatly that many times they will be sexually self gratifying themselves in secret, in private with blowup dolls, and whatever else has been invented. I know there are many things there but, I can’t help you with that, and women same thing because, they are not satisfied.      

Remember, we are still speaking karma here, don’t get lost. Men have become possessive of what? Their object of self fulfillment. Men want to be possessed to feel satisfied. Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter I’m telling you the way it is.       

For either one to truly be satisfied they must both fully enjoy each other, or the act of sex is merely a few seconds of orgasmic trembles. This of course, leads to the desire for more, and more. Remember, indulgence and greed, and greed equals indulgence. True loving lasts for days, and days or more, life times, oh this is true. In other words, you must be intent on bringing pleasure and satisfying your partner rather than immersed in your own self gratification.

Now, I have said to you, “Sex is all in the mind, period.” Males respond to caring feminine energy, or women. Women respond emotionally to the awakening of their passions.



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