How to strengthen your intuitive abilities.

Intuition is not dependent on the outer senses. Intuition comes from pure Knowledge. In meditation we somewhat, by moving inward and centering ourselves, we attune to our inner states, and we close off the senses, somewhat, to the outer worldly existence. In the silence of meditation we allow ourselves to simply be the witness of the truths that flow forth from the unconscious, from the inner Self.

Intuition is an innate ability that we have shrouded in our ignorance. For we have  lost instinct.To strengthen it we must believe in it, attune to it, trust it, and not allow ourselves to waver when its presence is strong. Intuitive knowledge is based in higher perception. Very different from the worldly knowledge that we acquire through study, and logic, and reason.

It is Knowing the Knower, not what we think we know. Intuition is not thought, per se, as we know it. It is feeling without emotion. Because, with emotion comes confusion. Each time you trust your intuition you strengthen your ability to go back and rely on it again, and again.

Now, I know there is always the question when people ask me about their intuition. They struggle with, how do I know it’s my intuition, or just my ego? We know when something is intuitively right or wrong because there is no wavering, no doubt seeps in, there is no confusion, it is crystal clear. Now of course, you might say, “Well, the ego is capable of such too.” And I might tend to agree with you just slightly. Only in that, the ego stands in its convictions, its opinions, its judgementalness, and allows no room for the acceptance of anything other than itself. Whereas, intuition requires complete acceptance. There is nothing in intuition that says right or wrong but, it is knowledge that understands. I hope not to confuse you but, everything is just as it should be. Now, whether we should be a part of whatever it is, that’s something different. But, intuitively speaking, one simply knows, and is centered in the deepest knowledge that there can be, or that there is. I hope that helps.



How to deepen your meditations.

Meditation deepens with time. It’s not about how long you sit in meditation. It’s more about the quality of the time you spend in meditation. Concentrate, contemplate, and reflect, reflect, reflect. When the mind wanders off in some direction gently lead it back to the point of focus.

Do not use your meditation time to think of all your problems. We say, focus on the Guru within the heart center, be silent. Allow the intuitive forces to come forward. Allow the true Knowledge that lies buried deep within the unconscious to surface, and come into the conscious, and just listen.

Meditation is essential to living a balanced, peaceful life. One who meditates regularly strengthens the mind, uses the will more effectively, has better discerning abilities, and the memory is better. One definitely has a more peaceful, harmonious attitude in life. Through meditation one can concentrate, contemplate, and reflect on matters with a sharper intuition, I would say.


Do you know your spiritual blue print?

The spiritual blue print is the astral self. The physical body is the exact duplication of the mental karmic patterning of this blue print. Most people play out the life unconsciously following this pattern. By that I mean, creating little to no change in the direction of the mind.

To know what it says requires an attitude, and a belief that there is always the potential to change. One must have a willingness to train the mind to change the flow of its patterning, thereby increasing ones awareness of what is beyond ones preconceptions, ones conditioned concepts. It is easy to know, as you say, what it says, by watching what you think and do, pay attention, how do you react to others, to your life. Can you see your own prejudices? Are you able to see your own judgementalness? This is difficult for most people. What is your philosophies of life? Are you willing to accept the potentiality of other philosophies? It is most difficult if one is unable to philosophize about life.

How can you use it in your practice? Through constant reflection. Become more conscious of your unlimited potentials that are locked in your unconsciousness. Do not defend your concepts and your opinions. Simply try to transcend the limitations that they put in your life, this will make you one who is inclusive rather than exclusive.

Perhaps the blue print is merely a set of limitations that we have formed overtime. And through those mental forms we have taken the physical body in order to live out the desires that are within this mental form, the blue print. Truly, it is only ignorance that holds us in these binds. Remove it, remove the ignorance, desire to do so.

My blessing to you all


Finding the Divine Self…..

The Divine Self  I would say to you is not lost, therefore, it cannot be found. We are lost in quagmire of abundant desires.   

Balance in the heart comes with balance of ones life. In yoga we understand that there is the chakra system running along the spine. And we say that, the balance of ourselves occurs in the heart mind when the lower world, or lower chakra system, the physical existence, is balanced with the upper world, if you will, of the chakras.  

Spiritual awareness cannot be learned in a short time, it requires in yogic terms a surrendering of ego. That would be of course, in the lower world, or in the lower chakras. All that we depend on, as far as knowledge, in the physical existence must be transcended, and that would have to do with the ego.   

Instantaneous changes, and understandings occur when you are willing to accept, that is surrender, to unlimited potentialities. In other words, willing to accept that you can go beyond only that which you know here in this limited existence. It is your faith, and trust in The Divine that has allowed you to see truth without resistance. When we experience for ourselves the free feeling of True Knowledge we thirst for more of that. Do not so much worry yourself with time child. Just know that in The Guru you have, and get what you need. We say, rarely what you want because, want is significant to desires. We need these instantaneous moments, they are encouraging for us in our search for the deeper knowledge of life.  

I would say to you that, love is the key to balance in the heart. Now, that is a deep statement with limited words, I understand that. Love as we know it is quite limiting. Love in and of itself is not requiring anything for the sustaining of itself, and by that I mean, unlimited love. I believe you call it in western terms, unconditional love. When this love is experienced in the heart, there is complete surrender, acceptance of life as it is, and the ability to go beyond life as we know it. A love of the deep inner Self, the True Self. A trust that it is in The Eternal Self, the Self Existent One that is ever present, ever witnessing.


Samsara = wheel of birth, death, and rebirth.

Samsara is the wheel of birth, death, and rebirth, also referred to as, the phenomenal existence. So, keeping this in mind, we see that samsara is actually limited reality. That is, limited to the physical existence rather than the true Reality of Atman, the transcendental Self. Actually samsara means flow, by definition. Therefore, samsara is the flow of our limited existence of the finite existence, and all of its continuous fluctuations of different events which keep us in this constant state of confusion where there is never any peace, nothing is permanent. In this constant state of confusion there is no security, and of course by that, we keep ourselves in constant fear. Sometimes, if I can kid a little bit but, with some seriousness, people look like little tiny frightened animals to me. Like the little mere cats always popping in and out of the holes. Forever on watch two, three, five at a time, terribly nervous. Looking in every direction, standing completely erect and fearful, always watching. People look to be this way to me often.

Samsara being related to a wheel is like a huge chakra. This chakra is said to have six spokes of avidya, or spiritual ignorance. The spokes are, one pleasure and pain, two dharma, universal law and vice, attachment and aversion. It is known that the only refuge from the wheel of spiritual ignorance is the transcendental Self. That’s our only refuge The Eternal Transcendental Self. If one wishes to escape the delusional forces of the ego personality, and the constant ever-changing phenomenal existence one should choose pure perception, True Knowledge, Wisdom. Karma is the cause of all of our suffering, and it must be transcended on the wheel of samsara so as to avoid taking rebirth, and moving through the continuous flow of suffering again and again, re-learning the very same things again and again. Once liberated from that wheel of suffering one can see clearly the causes of all suffering, and true compassion arises from this wisdom.


Samskaras are the highly dynamic forces of ones psyche.

Samskaras are the activators. In yoga, samskaras have a great deal to do with ones psychological makeup. The samskaras are imprints of ones experiences of their daily lives, they are both unconscious and conscious. These are unavoidable imprints, if you will, in our subconscious. From the inner world of ones own individual universe, and the external existence, whether we desire them or not.

Samskaras are the highly dynamic forces of ones psyche. They are the propelling forces of all of our actions in life, consciously. Samskaras in yoga are known to be types of forces, subliminally speaking. Such as those that force the externalization of our consciousness, you see, our actions. We bring our thoughts, our conscious thoughts out into manifestation in the physical. And secondly, those forces that cause consciousness to be inhibited. Now, we want to cultivate the inhibition of those subliminal activators so as to not continue the generation, and the regeneration of these activating forces. This practice of inhibition I’m speaking of leads to what we call in yoga, samadhi, or conscious ecstasy.


Do you know where desperation comes from?

Desperation comes from doubt and confusion, fear, frustration, anger. Desperation, I would say, is living in hell, I would think this is how it feels. Therefore, yes, it keep us separate, separate from The Divine Self. This separation is because of our uncontrollable attachments and aversion. We suffer in the illusion of duality. Unable to recognize the very cause of our pain. We move from one desire to the next rapidly. In expectation that some external subjective reality will somehow provide the comfort we are desperately seeking. Only to remain in this confused state of insecurity, impermanence without any end in sight. Her Divine presence is permanent. She is the refuge of light in our heart eternally. We need only remember that, and we will never suffer desperation, or separation from our eternal Divine immortal Self.


Student: When one sees a person evil, negative, and self righteous, is this when ones compassion comes into play?

Acceptance is the main factor here. I would have to say, what is it you feel makes this particular person evil, negative, and self-righteous? Is it their actions? You see, we must be very careful about judgementalness. In yoga we say, evil is anything that’s going against the True Self, the Truth itself, not relevant truth, which are according to man-made morals but, dharma, the universal law, or laws, The One truth.

Negativity is like an insidious disease, and it affects any negative karma within us if we’re around it. Self righteousness is born of the ego personality, and it keeps us separate from our Original Self. Difficult it is to have feelings of compassion when in the company of these three that you are asking about. If we have these tendencies within ourselves, then we may be drawn to such types of energy. It’s as though we somehow in the familiarity of that company derive some deranged sense of enjoyment, if that’s permissible, of the misery found in this company.

If we merge with these energies, that your speaking of, sometimes we strive to make the other person to look worse, more evil, negative, or self-righteous, as to make our similar tendencies more acceptable to us. This is true, does this make sense to you? Of course, this would require some arrogance, judgementalness, fear to be rising up in us. I understand your question perfectly, I only caution you. Yes, in fact there are people of this nature that you ask about.

Many times people confuse compassion and sympathy, this is what I see. In this scenario you present, I would have to tell you, it is best to move away from this type of energy, completely when possible. A person with such afflictions, as you ask about, is definitely suffering. If you have such potential seeds awaiting right conditions for manifestation in you, then they are sure to take sprout in the presence of one with full-blown manifestation occurring all ready.

Many people tend to jump on the bang wagon of self-righteousness believing themselves to be the saviors of others, and see it as having a compassionate nature. And self proclaim it their duty to force the other person to see the error of their ways, such as evil, negativities, self-righteous tendencies. At times we often take up battle, so to speak, in revealing another persons negativities. You see, evilness, if you will, loves a good debate, a good fight, and I guarantee you ones ego is always up for a good fight. This is why I say, move away. By looking at our own negative qualities, and softening them, we are able to empathize with another in their suffering.

Compassion, of course born of wisdom, the heart mind, clearly knows through the use of detachment, that is no emotionalism, that one with these tendencies that your mentioning is simply a fearful person, and therefore, cannot see the person is evil but, clearly recognizes the bad karma activating in full-blown manifestation. The danger this person has placed themselves in, and the danger that this negativity poses to all that merge with this energy. In yoga we say, the spiritual path is a process of getting rid of. Even good karma can be a hindrance of sorts for it can lead to ones self-righteousness, or self-righteous way. You see, in believing, Oh, I am a holy being because I am walking the spiritual path, I am a bringer of good karma because I am walking the spiritual path. Be careful, this is the type of thinking that cause our descent into ignorance, judgementalness.



There is no judgement in intuition.

True intuition gives rise to right discernment through proper perceptions. Whereas, judgementalness is born of prejudices, convictions, to an attitude of right and wrongness. Intuition is the Wisdom force, it is Knowledge unattainable through the pragmatic approach of scholastic knowledge say. Intuitive Knowledge is felt, it’s a feeling, there’s no emotion involved. However, judgementalness is filled with emotionalism, filled with doubts, fears. There is a feeling of being threatened in judgementalness, therefore, there is a need to be defensive in the judgmental mind. I would have to say that detachment is the best way to assure oneself of using intuition, and therefore, proper discernment. Detachment meaning, no emotionalism, no attachment to aversion, this would be best.


The difference between thoughts and ideas.

The difference between Truth, Pure Knowledge, and relevant truth, man made morals of truth and knowledge. Thoughts are born from ideas. Thoughts are the distortions of ideas. Thoughts have attachments, emotional attachments. Ideas are not yet tainted until they drop into consciousness. The moment they do, then they are filled with preconceptions, limitations, reality only as we can conceive of it. Knowledge of The Soul, so to speak, is dispassionate. It is not held to the human standards of logic and reason. Perhaps we can say, then it is unfiltered, it cannot be deduced by any means, it’s more of a feeling then words can express.

Relevant knowledge is limited to the words that we use to express an opinion. Now, be careful here because, even as I say this I say to you, “Words are the human beings best means of communicating.” Many times we may ask a wise one, “But, what do you mean, you just know. How do you know?” We’re looking for some type of equation, we need to relate for proof. Wisdom knows no relevance where by the measurement of its reality can be deduced through concepts of right, wrong, good, bad, etc.., it just is. To try to explain wisdom leaves us limited to the use of words.

Unfortunately, and somewhat fortunate, experience is the best teacher in humanity. Relevant truth comes from duality. Meaning, it’s either this or that. Pure Truth cannot be divided. I know, I am being somewhat repetitious in my answer. True Knowledge is Intuitive Knowledge. One who is able to philosophize is One who is able to attune to The Wisdom Force of The Soul. One, who is one who obstinately holds to opinions, and mere book knowledge, which is predominantly rewritten, and written, and written over again opinions of others, that we have adopted as proof of our relevant truth, will not be able to go beyond the level of logic and reason. Before you give in to the ego, sit and ask yourself, “Is it possible that there is something beyond what I know as truth?” You see, there is no doubt with True Knowledge. The only problem we face is when the ego intercepts the flow of the inner Truth, then we waiver in indecisiveness. And rather than fight our ignorance, or laziness, we tend to stick with what we know. Stick with, is the key point here, for then stuck in our opinions we remain in our illusion of right and wrong shutting out our potential for going beyond what we know, which in reality, is not much at all. Ask yourself, in the large realm of things, “What do I really know? Is there more that I can know to expand my data bank of knowledge which will then take me beyond my limited world?” All that we need to know, truly, is within us. If we quiet the committee of the mind, as I call it, we can attune to the Universal Knowledge of Wisdom, The Soul She knows. All that knowledge is ours. Don’t allow the ego to masterfully talk you out of The Truth, and into relevant truth. True Knowledge is very powerful. Relevant knowledge is weak, in that it is impermanent, and stirs the imbalance of confusion.

Scholars love a good debate. Wise Ones love the quiet peace of Absolute Knowing. Ego cannot enter The Queendom of The One.

Many blessings.  Namaste.