Did you know anger is an addiction?

Anger is considered an addiction, in that one is consumed by the energy of hatred. One is obsessed by the compulsive force of remaining separate, I didn’t say individual, that’s different. To live in anger one must see all of life as the enemy.

Now, most people experience anger from time to time in their daily life, that’s true, and usually it is a reaction to feeling threatened, but not always. There are people who are simply angry people. These people are ones who are never satisfied. As I said earlier, people with unfulfilled desires over many lifetimes find themselves living very angry lives. Angry people are rooted in the preconceived convictions of, life is a continuum of dreaded events that one must simply suffer through, and somehow come out unscathed. The best method for this path of survival is to remain separate. Don’t let the world in, and don’t participate in life. In this way one is obsessed with mere survival, stuck in the compulsions of constant fending off all threats. This does lead to living a life very tired and weary, and therefore ones reaction to life would be anger.

Now, the last part of your question is quite important. Is addiction something I need, or something I want? Addiction, having its bases in desires unfulfilled, would mean that it’s something you want. The intensity multiplied by the duration, that being lifetimes, would determine the force or the need, you see, the want becomes a need.

Now, it’s important to realize the force or the need will then in turn be the deciding factor as to the means, and the length of means that one will go to in order to fulfill the unfulfilled desire, or want. Do you understand?




One comment on “Did you know anger is an addiction?

  1. Anger is a vicious circle the way I see it, and if you let it consume you, it simply manifests itself. It is impossible to be positive and angry at the same time. I know, because I’ve been there and done that. Thank God, I am no longer in that trap, thanks to some good advice from my eldest sister. My anger was directed at my step mother (who made Cinderella’s step mother look like Little Miss Muffet). The answer to overcoming my anger lay in forgiving my step mother of the harm she’d done to my siblings and me, and move on with my life. What a simple solution to a horrid problem. It is a remedy I recommend to others when I find them in the same situation.

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