How far will you go to feed your additive patterns?

The need to have one purpose, one fault for obsession and compulsion. I would have to say addiction arises from desires. Desires are the driving force of the human existence. Desires unfulfilled over many lifetimes become obsessions. Obsessions are filled with emotions, and we become fixated in finding the means to quell the passionate frenzy of our uncontrollable desire. This fixation is addiction. Being stuck in the compulsory force, which is predetermining our every thought, action, and reaction in life. In other words, the intensity of the energy of an unfulfilled desire over the duration of lifetimes is equal to the force of the addictive patterning. This in turn determines the means, and the extent that one will go to, to feed the addictive pattern. Do you see?

I would say, that for 99.99% of human beings the avoidance means is like throwing oil on the fire of burning desires. Most human beings must follow a path of moderation to temper obsession and compulsion. This is simply because the mind is weak. The addiction is actually controlling the persons quality of life.

In western psychology we use a method called behavioral modification, it is a type of aversion therapy, it does not work in spite of all the praise from the clinical psychologists who claim its effectiveness. You see, it’s like putting a bandage on a gushing wound, the desire or addiction still exists. Behavioral modification does not strengthen the minds energy, and loosen the grasp it has on the unfulfilled desire, it only redirects the energy temporarily leaving the root desire intact, and simply circumvents the energy of the weak mind. It’s like letting off a little steam in the tea kettle, you see. To strengthen the mind is to strengthen the will. Which in turn gives us the ability to freely hack away at the root of obsession through a different use of the means of our compulsiveness. Hopefully I have not confused you.


One comment on “How far will you go to feed your additive patterns?

  1. I was there before as well; obsessing about things is never a good approach. Once I let go of certain desires, things kind of panned out the way I had hoped they would anyway:) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

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