Do you know what pride is?

Pride is a manifestation of ego. Ego we say in yoga, is our worst enemy. Pride is having a sense of ownership, possession, it is having a need, and a deep-seated belief in the right to defend at all costs. Be it our concepts, thoughts, opinions, stuff and things, as I say, country, heritage. Pride requires that we have a sense of power over. A power over all that “I believe to be me and mine.” It’s a deep, deep attachment with much prejudice and judgementalness. Anger arises from pride. Hatred is deep-seated in pride. The sense of right and wrong are born of pride. I say, a prideful person is unable, or suffers great difficulty in growing spiritually because, skepticism is also a ruling factor.

With someone who has a deep sense of pride love can only be given and received based on human experience, that would be of past lives and this life. Truth can only be accepted if it fits the prideful ones limited concepts of what truth is.

Faith is very difficult for the prideful one to experience because, generally speaking, ones faith is limited to only what one can see, and therefore, somewhat believes in. Of course, surrender is next to impossible because, the one is serving the master of ego, or ego as the master rather than mastering Self Awareness.

So, as you can see pride limits our spiritual growth in that our strong attachment to this physical existence makes it impossible to transcend the limitations of our mind, and our heart. You see, as human beings we fear losing our pride, or letting go of our pride because we somehow equate that with the death of ourselves.

We fear that going beyond our personal experiences in the acceptance of other philosophies, or experiences that this will make us wrong somehow. Therefore, we can not, we will not easily accept any realities beyond the one we know. As a prideful being we see all change as threatening to our very existence, and we cling to only that which we are consciously aware of. We fear loss of pride as being a weakness rather than a strength.

Wilfulness is an aspect of pride. Willingness is a releasing our hold in our own limitations, and an acceptance of the potential for change.


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