“You eat what you are”

No one to tell you what or what not to eat, however, in yoga we do say that a vegetarian diet is best. There are many physical, as well as, psychological and spiritual reasons that we have a vegetarian diet. There is a saying, “You are what you eat.” Sometimes I say, “You eat what you are.” No matter there similar in meaning.

Ahimsa, non-harming, nonviolence has much to do with being a vegetarian according to yoga. Ahimsa is the practice of not harming others, not physically, mentally, or with our speech, or even with our thoughts. According to the laws of karma we say the cow, the goat, the chicken, the pig, all animals are somehow, and have been somehow, related to us in time. Spiritually speaking, we do not have the right to take the life of another, or our own life. We do not have the right to take another life to satisfy our desire to eat, or for any other reason.

In the very first original religion, so to speak, that is The religion of Divine Mother, the people were gatherers. That is farmers who planted grains, fruits, vegetables, herbs for their food. They drank the milk of goats, and cows, and even used the milk for cream and butter. The animals were considered sacred and friends, just as they are now in India, and with very few of us living in America, and other parts of the globe. They are to be cared for, to be loved, honored, just as we would want to be honored and loved ourselves.

Mankind throughout history became very greedy, and decided that everything on earth was here for his pleasure, to consume, to own, to kill for his use however he saw fit. This included, and today continues to include, women and children. When those of The Ancient Mother religion did not agree with this decision they were tortured, killed, or even made slaves. Of course, as you can well imagine, this did make people very fearful. The Bible was written by these men overtime, and of course as you well know, is followed today. The literalness of the Bible was and is followed. These men made their own laws. They invented laws that suited their desires. They even invented their own God according to what they wanted, and forced others through himsa, that means violence, to obey these new laws, and this newly invented God. This of course leads to, blatant disregard for the Mother earth Herself, and all of Her creatures.

These man-made laws were set in place leading the people to believe that conquering, killing, and having power over all of creation was the law of their God, and every mans birth right. So, in the name of God mankind honors the right, that they have placed on themselves, to kill and destroy rather than honoring life Herself.


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