The natural law of physics can be transcended.

In the modern world we have something we call natural laws, according to physics. In yoga we say the so-called natural laws can be transcended. In the modern world, in the western mind, it is simply believed and said, that life is just the way it is, and there’s not much you can do about things. In eastern philosophy we say, the limitations of this so-called natural law of physics, set and determined by logic and reason, is a somewhat fatalistic approach. Denying the unlined potentialities of what is yet un-manifest. Right now, according to yoga, we live in Kali yuga, this is the iron age, the age darkness, or ignorance. In order to transcend the consciousness of ignorance collectively, as well as individually, we must transcend our karmas, our mental and physical actions that bear the fruits of ignorance, or consequences of this ignorance, if you will. It is the ego personality, I say, this is the illusion of being the “all and mighty powerful Oz”, if I can just use a little humor there for a moment.

You see, as human beings we are heavily steeped in arrogance. Obstinately, we are filled with self-aggrandizement, individually and collectively. We view life therefore, from the epitome of the egos subjectiveness, its subjective nature. Holding loyal to the ego as if it were the master of all, and in some sense it is. Only because we give it that power. In so doing, then we are not masterful of our actions, nor our existence. Rather, it is like ego has the ring in our nose, and masterfully leads us on our subjective path of so-called destiny, which we accept as the natural fate of our life, having no control as to the direction our life is unfolding. Mind you, we cannot abstain from life. We are a participant in life no matter how much, or how little we see ourselves as such. Therefore, to participate objectively means that we must intercept the paths of our karmas at every moment with conscious effort. Preventing future karmas, or preventing ourselves from living the same karmas again, and again, and again. We must allow the past karmas to play out but, we must also have awareness, if not full awareness, of exactly what is occurring and why. How do we come to this place? That is a question we must always ask ourselves.

It is through the spiritual practice of sadhana, with devotion, not expectations, and remaining consciously aware, that we are able to defuse the severe consequences of karmas in this physical existence. By transcending the illusive force of ego one is sure to lessen the potential detrimental forces of Sanchita karma, the karma that is predisposed awaiting manifestation.



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