Doubt is of the most terrible of afflictions!!!!!

This is difficult but not impossible. Doubt, I will say to you in the simplest of terms, is lack of faith. One who lives in doubt is constantly suffering in great pain. This doubt is of the most terrible of afflictions, which ultimately does a person in, if I may use that, if that’s permissible. It retards ones spiritual growth “without a doubt”. It is a particular way of thinking, you see. And this particular way of thinking keeps one in constant confusion.

Now, human beings actually try to make logic out of being doubtful by calling it a means of measuring, yes this is true. Those are my words, a means of measuring by that I’m saying, they bounce back and forth from one way of looking at it to the other way of looking at it. On a continuum, fluctuation from one view to another unable to actually discern the truth there by obstructing the wisdom force at the center of the heart.

It is said in yoga, cut through all the doubts with the sword of Wisdom. True Wisdom is not found in worldly knowledge as western thought would have us believe. Wisdom is not about the gathering of information. Wisdom is Pure Pristine Awareness born of Pure Knowledge, Pure perception of The Self, which is moksha, liberation. Books filled with what we call knowledge, or information only somewhat quell the persons curiosity until the desire for more. So, you see, this type of knowledge is quite temporary. Whereas, True Knowledge leads to happiness, which is every persons birth right. Not happiness born of temporally satisfying a desire, as we in the west perceive this to be so. This is merely a pragmatic approach to soothing what I call the temper tantrum of unfulfilled desires, you see. But, the happiness that I speak to you of is only born of Self Realization, which allows us to see with perfect clarity, The Truth. We are born of love, no one can change that. No words, no books written by thousands of men can change that. We are born to love, we are born to be loved. Our True center, the True state of our being is Perfection, and everyone in every place goes about attempting to somehow obtain that original state, think about it, Bliss, that’s right.

Well, I will leave you with this. Many blessings to all of you. SHANTI.


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