The difference between thoughts and ideas.

The difference between Truth, Pure Knowledge, and relevant truth, man made morals of truth and knowledge. Thoughts are born from ideas. Thoughts are the distortions of ideas. Thoughts have attachments, emotional attachments. Ideas are not yet tainted until they drop into consciousness. The moment they do, then they are filled with preconceptions, limitations, reality only as we can conceive of it. Knowledge of The Soul, so to speak, is dispassionate. It is not held to the human standards of logic and reason. Perhaps we can say, then it is unfiltered, it cannot be deduced by any means, it’s more of a feeling then words can express.

Relevant knowledge is limited to the words that we use to express an opinion. Now, be careful here because, even as I say this I say to you, “Words are the human beings best means of communicating.” Many times we may ask a wise one, “But, what do you mean, you just know. How do you know?” We’re looking for some type of equation, we need to relate for proof. Wisdom knows no relevance where by the measurement of its reality can be deduced through concepts of right, wrong, good, bad, etc.., it just is. To try to explain wisdom leaves us limited to the use of words.

Unfortunately, and somewhat fortunate, experience is the best teacher in humanity. Relevant truth comes from duality. Meaning, it’s either this or that. Pure Truth cannot be divided. I know, I am being somewhat repetitious in my answer. True Knowledge is Intuitive Knowledge. One who is able to philosophize is One who is able to attune to The Wisdom Force of The Soul. One, who is one who obstinately holds to opinions, and mere book knowledge, which is predominantly rewritten, and written, and written over again opinions of others, that we have adopted as proof of our relevant truth, will not be able to go beyond the level of logic and reason. Before you give in to the ego, sit and ask yourself, “Is it possible that there is something beyond what I know as truth?” You see, there is no doubt with True Knowledge. The only problem we face is when the ego intercepts the flow of the inner Truth, then we waiver in indecisiveness. And rather than fight our ignorance, or laziness, we tend to stick with what we know. Stick with, is the key point here, for then stuck in our opinions we remain in our illusion of right and wrong shutting out our potential for going beyond what we know, which in reality, is not much at all. Ask yourself, in the large realm of things, “What do I really know? Is there more that I can know to expand my data bank of knowledge which will then take me beyond my limited world?” All that we need to know, truly, is within us. If we quiet the committee of the mind, as I call it, we can attune to the Universal Knowledge of Wisdom, The Soul She knows. All that knowledge is ours. Don’t allow the ego to masterfully talk you out of The Truth, and into relevant truth. True Knowledge is very powerful. Relevant knowledge is weak, in that it is impermanent, and stirs the imbalance of confusion.

Scholars love a good debate. Wise Ones love the quiet peace of Absolute Knowing. Ego cannot enter The Queendom of The One.

Many blessings.  Namaste.


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