Samskaras are the highly dynamic forces of ones psyche.

Samskaras are the activators. In yoga, samskaras have a great deal to do with ones psychological makeup. The samskaras are imprints of ones experiences of their daily lives, they are both unconscious and conscious. These are unavoidable imprints, if you will, in our subconscious. From the inner world of ones own individual universe, and the external existence, whether we desire them or not.

Samskaras are the highly dynamic forces of ones psyche. They are the propelling forces of all of our actions in life, consciously. Samskaras in yoga are known to be types of forces, subliminally speaking. Such as those that force the externalization of our consciousness, you see, our actions. We bring our thoughts, our conscious thoughts out into manifestation in the physical. And secondly, those forces that cause consciousness to be inhibited. Now, we want to cultivate the inhibition of those subliminal activators so as to not continue the generation, and the regeneration of these activating forces. This practice of inhibition I’m speaking of leads to what we call in yoga, samadhi, or conscious ecstasy.



2 comments on “Samskaras are the highly dynamic forces of ones psyche.

  1. I love your rebirth pic. You are very well versed, thanks for sharing. I wanted to share this song with you. Its called fear and love by a group called Morcheeba, im not sure where they are from.

    • Dear One, Please forgive This Ones delay of deepest gratitude that U took the time to read the teaching even more so the time to give such a beautiful gift of song in response may we meet again! NAMASTE’

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