Samsara = wheel of birth, death, and rebirth.

Samsara is the wheel of birth, death, and rebirth, also referred to as, the phenomenal existence. So, keeping this in mind, we see that samsara is actually limited reality. That is, limited to the physical existence rather than the true Reality of Atman, the transcendental Self. Actually samsara means flow, by definition. Therefore, samsara is the flow of our limited existence of the finite existence, and all of its continuous fluctuations of different events which keep us in this constant state of confusion where there is never any peace, nothing is permanent. In this constant state of confusion there is no security, and of course by that, we keep ourselves in constant fear. Sometimes, if I can kid a little bit but, with some seriousness, people look like little tiny frightened animals to me. Like the little mere cats always popping in and out of the holes. Forever on watch two, three, five at a time, terribly nervous. Looking in every direction, standing completely erect and fearful, always watching. People look to be this way to me often.

Samsara being related to a wheel is like a huge chakra. This chakra is said to have six spokes of avidya, or spiritual ignorance. The spokes are, one pleasure and pain, two dharma, universal law and vice, attachment and aversion. It is known that the only refuge from the wheel of spiritual ignorance is the transcendental Self. That’s our only refuge The Eternal Transcendental Self. If one wishes to escape the delusional forces of the ego personality, and the constant ever-changing phenomenal existence one should choose pure perception, True Knowledge, Wisdom. Karma is the cause of all of our suffering, and it must be transcended on the wheel of samsara so as to avoid taking rebirth, and moving through the continuous flow of suffering again and again, re-learning the very same things again and again. Once liberated from that wheel of suffering one can see clearly the causes of all suffering, and true compassion arises from this wisdom.



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