Finding the Divine Self…..

The Divine Self  I would say to you is not lost, therefore, it cannot be found. We are lost in quagmire of abundant desires.   

Balance in the heart comes with balance of ones life. In yoga we understand that there is the chakra system running along the spine. And we say that, the balance of ourselves occurs in the heart mind when the lower world, or lower chakra system, the physical existence, is balanced with the upper world, if you will, of the chakras.  

Spiritual awareness cannot be learned in a short time, it requires in yogic terms a surrendering of ego. That would be of course, in the lower world, or in the lower chakras. All that we depend on, as far as knowledge, in the physical existence must be transcended, and that would have to do with the ego.   

Instantaneous changes, and understandings occur when you are willing to accept, that is surrender, to unlimited potentialities. In other words, willing to accept that you can go beyond only that which you know here in this limited existence. It is your faith, and trust in The Divine that has allowed you to see truth without resistance. When we experience for ourselves the free feeling of True Knowledge we thirst for more of that. Do not so much worry yourself with time child. Just know that in The Guru you have, and get what you need. We say, rarely what you want because, want is significant to desires. We need these instantaneous moments, they are encouraging for us in our search for the deeper knowledge of life.  

I would say to you that, love is the key to balance in the heart. Now, that is a deep statement with limited words, I understand that. Love as we know it is quite limiting. Love in and of itself is not requiring anything for the sustaining of itself, and by that I mean, unlimited love. I believe you call it in western terms, unconditional love. When this love is experienced in the heart, there is complete surrender, acceptance of life as it is, and the ability to go beyond life as we know it. A love of the deep inner Self, the True Self. A trust that it is in The Eternal Self, the Self Existent One that is ever present, ever witnessing.


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