Many religions follow Bhakti.

One becomes a Bhakta through experience, not blind belief. Many religions follow Bhakti (love and devotion). Christianity, as well as Hinduism through the use of objects of adoration to awaken the expression of Bhakti. Bhakti is an intensely powerful method that has taken many to the heights of awareness. Strong devotion is required to obtain Pure joy, Pure Knowledge, Pure love, Pure Bliss. The basic method of Bhakti is used in all Bhakti religions. It’s only that the form is different, the object of devotion. However, it is Bhakti Yoga that is the means to transcendence for all beings.

The purpose and practice of Bhakti Yoga is to take one beyond the little I, or the mind, body identification. Through Bhakti one can lessen the hold of severe limits of the mind and body identifying. Therefore, the mind can become the mirror of experience. Ultimately, one will have Higher Awareness and attain Bliss.

We must speak of intellect, intellect is so highly revered in this modern world. This is good providing one understands that it is a severely limited form of gaining knowledge. This is the part most people refuse to even consider, it frightens them. Their refusal to accept This Truth will remain intact until one experiences something well beyond the scope of intellect, which will nullify the intense reverence placed on logical thought as the means to knowledge. It is only through Bhakti that one may loosen the attachments to the intellect. It can, if one will alleviate the constipation of limited intellect, and provide a path of expression for ones feelings and emotions. One who relies so heavily on intellect has forgotten how to express emotions, they’ve suppressed them, the positive ones as well as the negative.



Experience is what changes the entire life of a human being.

Bhakti (love and devotion) is the means and expression of higher awareness. It is practice and spontaneous expression of higher knowledge. They both lead to one another until ones faith is greater than ones experiences, however, it is the experience that changes the entire life of the human being. At the point of experience one realizes that ones aspirations are purposeful, and ones practice is meaningful. Bhakti increases continuously, there is no limit to devotion. Bhakti as the means, is the yoga between having faith, and Divine Realization. Bhakti is living the life of faith while attaining The Divine Knowledge, and through personal experience learning to live the expression of Realization of Divinity.

Difficult it is to put to words Bhakti, for it is knowledge, feeling, and experience that must be known for oneself. True, real, Bhakti is spontaneous, arises ultimately through higher awareness, and knowledge previously inexperienced. The spontaneous realization of the impossible, the confrontation of direct perception beyond any words awakens joy, and the expression of Bhakti. Real Bhakti cannot artificially be produced. It is the expression of Bliss, and this true expression cannot be created through false means.

Ones purpose in practicing Bhakti is to develop one pointed concentration toward one object. This will spontaneously occur if there is feeling toward the object. Think of it, anyone or thing you direct human love toward brings about spontaneous devotion as you concentrate on that object, does it not. One is placing all their energy in one direction, this automatically will take one to higher sensitivity and receptivity, to higher forces through mind and body.


Difference between Suppression/Oppression.

Take a moment to answer these question. To see what you come up with.

1. What is suppression, what is oppression, to you?

2. Of both, which comes before the other?

3. What is it that is suppressed?

4. Does the oppressor or oppressors cause another or others to suppress?

5. Does the suppressor attract the oppressive?
I will begin, and just perhaps give a short understanding of both, just to get us started.

Suppression is to conceal, or we say, to keep to oneself, to withhold, perhaps, even to keep secret.

Oppression is to tyrannize, to dictate, it is malevolence, it is to afflict upon, power over. It is to crush, more than subdue, crush.

Now, as to which one comes first, I would say for the sake of understanding the two, and the occurrence of their relationship with each other, or to each other, I will tell you that oppression is first and foremost.

What is it that is suppressed? That I would say, which is suppressed, through despotism is usually Truth.

Fourthly, the oppressor is the cause of suppression. Who attracts who? Now, this is a very important question. In the large-scale of understanding, that is, according to the law of karma, at times, yes, because the suppressor can be conceived of as passive or weak, the oppressor or oppressors take this to be a foundation to construct walls of confusion, and from these walls the sperm of fear projects itself with the intent to penetrate the otherwise equipoise heart and mind of the other. These walls of confusion are boundary less. This projected fear spreads, now, there is the need for despotism, by the way, which is exactly what the architectural oppressor drew the plans for, and carried out. Are you following me? Too simple, you say, to not see it all coming. Well, my question to you then, how much evil have you encountered, recognized its presence, and successfully won the battle, that is overcome it? Be honest with yourself.


Wisdom can lead one to Bhakti or Bhakti can lead one to wisdom.

Bhakti Yoga has great vast implications which can change ones life, completely transforming ones whole self. This transformation does not come through blind acceptance of what I will say to you, but through greater understanding and personal realization. To practice any other path of yoga one must express Bhakti, either in practicing other paths Bhakti comes about or it is the chosen path. The Great Ones reminded all people, wisdom can lead one to Bhakti or Bhakti can lead one to wisdom. However, the question remains, what is it about Bhakti that is not obvious, intellectually speaking? The path of Bhakti brings Acceptance first through tolerance, understanding, peace, and most of all, love of all, that’s just to name a few of the attributes. We do have many clear examples of such beings to look at.

The word Bhakti comes from the word bhaja, meaning to adore, serve, love, to be devoted. The word bhakta is the same, and means one who practices Bhakti Yoga, one who feels devotion. There are ones who can be on the path of Bhakti Yoga and not experience the positive intense devotion. Also, there are ones who are not on the path of Bhakti Yoga yet, experience intense Bhakti. One who is devotionally inclined can follow the path of Bhakti Yoga, as it requires intense concentration on ones being, and the object of devotion. Through this method one will have a transcendental experience, and as the Bhakti strengthens over time one will come to have transcendental knowledge of being the object of devotion all along.

If one is not devotionally inclined the other paths of yoga are good to follow, eventually, one will have a spiritual experience. This will lead one straight to Bhakti, for one will experience and realize something otherwise not known to them before. It matters not which way one goes about it, all paths of yoga merge eventually.


Bhakti Yoga: Yoga of love and devotion

Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of love and devotion. Ultimately, it is devotion to the Divine. It is devotion to the Divine in whatever form or non-form one chooses to worship the Divine in. In worship, one may direct ones devotion to Truth, The Supreme, Goddess, the Absolute, Brahman, or any name one chooses. Devotion to Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Shakti, Krishna, Durga, Kali, Tara, whatever it is that one want to call the ineffable. The expression of ones devotion is given to any form that one regards as The Divine incarnated. It can be a great saint, alive or not, it can be ones Guru. It is not the form that is important it is the devotion one feels that matters. Without devotion, it is impossible for one to practice Bhakti Yoga.

Bhakti Yoga has at times been referred to as blind dogma, and in many cases this is exactly what it has degenerated into. It is very misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misused. In many instances it has led to fanaticism, although, it is the yoga of this time, Kali Yuga. It is actually not accepted readily by the modern technological, intellectual world. However, Bhakti Yoga is an incredibly powerful means of attaining Higher Knowledge, and transcendence. To practice Bhakti Yoga can bring harmony and joy  into ones life. This would provide a great balance, especially in this age of technology and power-hungry minds.


No one religion holds the key to the kingdom of God.

No one religion holds the key to the kingdom of God. There is not just one person who can lead you on the path to enlightenment. We as individuals and collectively have many obstacles to overcome, these obstacles being the demons within our own minds. Some of the biggest ones we face are hatred and greed, yet it is not impossible. But I will tell you it is difficult. Difficult because everyone wants to be right, which means someone must be wrong. Our best weapons to fight the battle of our own ignorance are love and acceptance. You see, tolerance will not do. Tolerance still leaves the festering of hatred. Love can only be understood by one of pure heart; otherwise they are degrees of love and these degrees of love, of course, are conditional. There are no conditions or stipulations in The Mothers love, and therefore there should not be any in ours. No condition, no stipulations, this would mean that we have faith, faith in the fact that we are a child of God The Mother.

Religions have come to be organized conversional forces. And they state that their way is the only way. Which is back again to what I said to you earlier, I’m right and you’re wrong. A religion of Divine Mother is not a conversional force. It does not require right and wrong. It does not require war on each other in Gods name. It does, however, require that one have the burning desire to remember ones original true nature which is God-like. To do so one must be willing to renounce all manmade concepts of God, and be willing to seek the truth by inward turning.

Releasing one’s self from the bondage’s of fear, fear of standing alone – we are never alone – fear of not being a part of a mass consciousness belief system. Just because there are the many standing in one belief system does not make them right. As human beings we often stand in the masses out of fear, fear of being questioned, fear that our preconceived notions will be challenged and we won’t have the answers and that this will make us wrong

Jesus Christ was a Bhakta, he was beyond faith. He had the Supreme Knowledge. If one cannot perceive one’s self to be a daughter or son of God The Mother then one will not be able to grasp the concept of – we are never alone.


The seed of perfection lies within all of us.

I’m going to tell you that we are all daughters and sons of Divine Mother. There is not just one son of God. You see, the seed of perfection lies within all of us, deeply within the center of our heart. We have simply forgotten that seed of perfection exists, therefore it is difficult for us to nourish it. We live more in the ignorance of this physical world and believing that this is all there is, yet there is always that nagging hunger. Sometimes, occurring more prevalent than at other times, that there is something more, something beyond what we perceive to be the totality of our human existence, and for those of us who are tired of dredging through the mere existence and truly desire to nourish the seed of perfection within, the incarnations return again and again, such as Jesus Christ. And they teach us how to shed the veils of ignorance, the clouds of darkness that shroud the seed of perfection. You see darkness cannot survive where there is light. And so if we choose to stand in the illuminated light of a perfect teacher then we too will come to see the perfect truth that is always there within us.

In the ancient teachings of Upanishads we are told that humanity lives within three states of consciousness. The waking, the dreaming and the dreamless sleep. Now there is a fourth state, which is beyond those three states. And it is in the fourth state that one wakes up. One goes beyond ordinary mind. And the heart is filled with light and the mind is still and can see the perfection of the True Self. In this transcended state one is changed forever. The beauty of what I’m telling you is that all human beings are capable of such transcendence. And there are true spiritual teachers who can teach us how to go beyond ordinary mind. Popular belief, I believe, says there are only a few people who are this way or who can be this way because they are chosen ones. There is no truth to this.

What is required to be guided on the path to self-realization? A burning desire, a settling for nothing else, nothing less, but to know the True Self. The only thing that stands in the way of knowing the True Self is our ignorance and that ignorance can be removed, but we must be willing. We must be relentless in our efforts and our desires to do so. We must be willing to abolish the demands of our own ego in order to accept direction from one who has transcended the three lower states of consciousness.


All of life is spiritual!!!!!

Each human being is a vessel, a body temple. Each individual being houses a soul. Spirit is flowing throughout all of life. Yet it is said that we human beings are the only conscious entity, meaning that we have the ability to assimilate and utilize our intelligence, and we even have the ability to decide how to use that intelligence.

Let me tell you a little secret. All of life is spiritual. The only problem is, is that many people choose not to accept this, and that is simply because they cannot see the true beauty in life, the true beauty in living the human existence. The very essence of life is the presence of Spirit. Because we live in the realm of time and space and causation it is very difficult for us to understand Spirit. You see there is only One Truth and that truth is Divine Mother. And all religions are born under that One Truth, thus causing relevant truth or the many paths of religion. Spirit flowing through all of life makes it very simple for us to understand then that we are all interconnected. No matter what our relevant truths may be we are all interconnected. We are all, if you will, a part of the One Truth.

All true preceptors come to the earth to speak, to teach the One Truth. Since time immemorial, Incarnations have returned to the earth speaking just that One Truth. And for aeons the human beings have taken that one truth and segregated it into their own relevance to suit their needs in time and in space.

I remind you again that we are all but one individual drop of the ocean of eternity, yet reminding you that we are all interrelated even in our divisions of relevant truth.

When Christ was young he was not yet aware of what he had returned to this earth to do, yet when he was initiated by his Guru John the Baptist, he became illumined. He realized his purpose, and he knew he needed to teach the truth. Now he also knew that there were only a few that he would be able to impart the truth to, yet there were many thousands of human beings who needed to hear the truth. He knew that they could only take in the truth at their own level of understanding, and therefore he taught it at their level of understanding. All true spiritual preceptors know that not every human being can take the truth exactly as it is, because of karma, because of cause and effect. We all have a particular level of mind and understanding. Therefore, we have once again, the many religions or the many spiritual paths, we say will eventually lead to the One Truth. However, the further we as a people go from the truth the more difficult it is to know what the truth really is. We call it the dharma, the law, THE way to live the human existence. It is actually quite simple but, we as human beings complicate it, because again of our relevance, our desire to live life the way we want to, the way we choose to see it.


The Value of Practicing Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga is the strengthening and balancing of our microcosm. It is the attune-ment and alignment of mind, body and spirit.
The body physical can be our damnation or blessing which ever we choose. It is of great fortune to be into a human body. Spiritually speaking, the body is much like a tuning fork. Hatha Yoga provides the means with which one can bring both the outer and inner world of our beings, into alignment.

Human beings are emotional beings. The breath is of vital importance. In paying attention to the breath one can come to recognize where one is arrested (stuck), emotionally, physically and spiritually.

In the practice of Hatha Yoga one can come to release ones self from mental illnesses that infect the physical and astral body. Mental ills and emotional attachments have caused the body to lock out pranic flow and inhibit the breath. Further, the mind remains in the tumultuous patterns of pain, anger, hatred and confusion; resulting in ignorance. To the seer, one in this state appears to be an unraveled ball of yarn vicariously stuffed back into a ball.

By keeping the body flexible through Hatha Yoga practice one can attain a more flexible mind. In so doing, one is able to move beyond ones own limited preconceptions from the past and live more harmoniously in the present. The breath is able to move more freely revitalizing the cells of the physical body and the mind is thus calm, strong and attentive. One is then able to view experiences of the past and present with more clarity, less judgment and less rigidity.

Through Hatha Yoga one prepares ones self to be a vehicle of pure thought and action. A vessel that allows prana, the essence of life to flow freely, creates a vibration of positive magnetic force. One is of better service to all of sentient life when one is less resistant in the cosmic patterning of the universe and can instead be a tiny example of love, compassion and devotion. Flexible body, quiet mind, open heart make one fertile ground for the seeds of truth to sprout forth, killing the weeds of ignorance so deeply repressed in all of us. I teach students:

Love is the key
Truth is the answer
Faith is the path

Love the body you have created, it is the vehicle by which you will transcend the preconceptions you react to and live by. Surrender to the truth that you are more than just the physical body. Practice Hatha Yoga and experience for yourself a quietude that cannot be known by simple shutting the eyes and ears to the outside world. Faith will inevitably grow, as you will have personally experienced the results of having gone beyond the fear of — If not the body, than who am I?