Slow deep breaths help you focus.

Breathing, practicing breathing techniques given by ones Guru is very important. We say in yoga, ones life is measured by the amount of breaths one has, which is predetermined but, can change through the use of techniques, meditation, more peaceful lifestyle.

In the west the measurement of everything is done in years, months, days, and minutes. This is different from the yoga concept of measurement. If one breathes slow deep breaths then one is able to focus, and to think more clearly with less emotional turmoil. See for yourself, the next time you find yourself in a difficult situation check to see if you are breathing rapidly. If so, you will note that your ability to discern is more difficult, because every emotion you have, or have ever had is related to that type of situation, or one similar. These emotional turmoil’s flood into your minds thoughts and cause you great confusion, where as, if you breathe deep, slow breathes you will know what to do. Your ability to concentrate, to contemplate the situation, even in a matter of moments,  you will be able to reflect, and make a proper decision.


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