The reason we don’t remember our dreams.

The reason we don’t remember our dreams has to do with pain, and fear of remembering the symbols in our dreams. These symbols in our dreams come out of our unconsciousness, both individual and collective unconsciousness. We may have a fear of relating to the symbols, or recognizing their meaning for fear of what they really may be showing us. We must come to understand the fear, and the pain around that fear.

Symbols arise from our unconsciousness. Our ability to perceive them comes from our own perceptions, what we are consciously aware of. For most of us, all we have is what we are just consciously aware of, which determines then how we would perceive something. If however, in our conscious state we allow ourselves to view the symbols without emotionally attaching to them, then perhaps we would be able to view them for what they are really showing us about ourselves.

If a person has a premonition dream, any emotional attachment to pain and pleasure may cause us to either disregard it as just a dream without meaning, or to totally forget the dream because of fear of what it is we’re dealing with, that is the truth of what the dream is showing us. This also can occur with meditation.

We may disregard the feeling from the visual or the symbols that come forward. If it made us feel bad, so to speak, about something in us we may not be willing to accept it. Even if it made us feel good we may feel the need to reject that good feeling because of believing that we are not worthy of the feeling of such goodness. You see how it works?



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