Response to Sarah Palin’s Film: The Undefeated

But, defeated you are!!

She quoted: A good tree bringeth forth good fruit. But a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

The bible says, “By their fruits ye shall know them”

Sermon on the mount Mathew 7:17-20

Texas – No finger pointing, simply consciously invoking – The manifestations of mass consciousness it so happens we are vulnerable, inevitably, susceptible to the sickness of mind and its material manifestations of evil intent motivated at the loving, compassionate people’s thought-provoking movement with a globally feeble central nervous system from suppression, repression, oppression. So 99% of humanity does have a breaking point. Look at all the violence committed upon the feminine within the laws of acceptance.  Raped as a punishment,  statistically as a white mans game of cat and mouse in the west let alone global climate change……………

We must awaken the innocence projection clinically referred to as the IP, identified patient.

People – lead with me to the logos of communication between we the feminine for the children ourselves – 35,000 year old artifacts  proving misogyny is dead and matrifocal testimony will be heard no matter the punishment of the father god when he get’s home!!

The fundamental ideology of a distorted seemingly impenetrable bigoted, terroristic, extremist patriarchy is like raping your inner core being of all the light of consciousness keeping you ignorant and fearful. Power over/fame/fortune are greedily sought and forgotten in absolute mortality.

Mortality is the fate of mankind.

A gynocentic focus is the matrix of healthy spirit cultivating, sustaining, teaching, listening…………..

Creating longevity through reverence, have you forgotten? Or are you too grown possibly, stone cold with indifference perhaps, “Praying” you will go to heaven knowing

Love is the key

Truth is the answer

Faith is the path


There is no religion higher than truth.



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