Doctor of The Soul….

I have mentioned to some of my students from time to time about my past lives, in coming into this life there was full knowledge of direction, deeply immersed in Atman. No matter what karmas present, there was and is never any deviation from the center of focus, Atman, The Reality. At a very, very young age, around five or six, I realized, very clearly, that here in this western world there were no True Doctors of “The Soul”, or maybe one or two. The western world does not accept this thing, Doctors of The Soul. The understanding that the practicing and healing through a vessel, a body, or a mouth piece was not easily found, nor was anyone looking for One who was this vessel of Her Divine Omniscience. As far as this minds eye could reach, I could not, I did not come across the yogic schools of yesteryear that I remembered very clearly. Relying solely on intuition I was repeatedly reminded that in this place and time when the conditions presented themselves the Doctor of Psychology was to be frame-work from which humanity would be much more accepting of the only one thing I knew that I was here to do, that is to serve Her Divine Self through the one force, owing to bringing me back again, and again, compassion. So, as time goes Masters in Counseling Psychology, and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I can tell you with pristine clarity I see why it is difficult for western minds to accept, that in fact, it is possible to transcend the limitations of ignorance.

For Psychologists can only, enmeshed in the conditioned existence, like their patients, live within the limited frame-work of behavioral conditioning. We call that in western psychology behavioral therapies, or therapies such as reward and punishment, aversion therapies, and endless talking in circle therapies. Because, they have not transcended the confinements of their own fears, angers, and most of all an arrogant sense of “I’ness, self entitlement”, simply because they paid 25,000 dollars to posses it, or own it. For give me, there is no implication here to try to make anyone, or any group of people wrong or right, simply the observation from the stand point of True Knowledge.

I do tell people, “Be aware of the wounded healer, for they may be using you to fix themselves.” That’s not including the monetary gains at the expense of ones mental and physical health. Please, try to understand me.

If we are not aware of the transcendental Self we certainly cannot take anyone beyond our limitations. What’s worse is, we wouldn’t want them to go beyond us without also having paid their 25,000 dollars, and I tell you, some people put out this and more in their striving to become psychologically healthy. They too perhaps should have the degree, I don’t know, I say it with a tiny bit of humor. I’m certain not all psychologists are just basing a person’s life and prognosis on a mere treatment plan but, 99.9% are because they want to be paid, of course. So, there’s a limitation, a mold that they must find that suits a persons patterning, and place that person in that mold in order to be paid. Again, I tell you that I’m merely speaking to you from true perception, from Knowledge. I will even use the word Wisdom because often we get confused with the word Knowledge, and for us knowledge has more to do, in the western world, with information gathering, data, and this is dead knowledge. True Knowledge is Wisdom.

I have been called many things. From an idiot, to fearful, and crazy for not choosing to become a licensed therapist, and receive my due of two hundred dollars for one fifty minute session per person. But, I say this to you, I know the sincere seekers of Truth are willing to suffer a far greater pain, and the potential of aloneness, some would call it loneliness they are not the same, an aloneness with regard to the Knowledge that they are truly seeking. The Knowledge of transcending all the causes of suffering, this is called kleshas.


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