For those uncertain of their religious faith and path.

Ones religious faith, and path are very personal. I would say, begin with a personal evaluation of your desires, beliefs, opinions, fears, and your conditioned ideas of the patriarchal god, The Motherhood of god I think that’s important also. This of course includes your back ground, that is, your up bringing, your family concepts, and your ideas of patriarchal god, your feelings, and aspirations. What inspires you? What religious concepts best suit your nature? What religion are you most able to explore yourself, and your relationship to life, and your concept of The Motherhood of god? What best suits your nature as far as feeling free to expand your mind? What faith allows you to experience inner peace through greater understanding?

These are questions that we ask ourselves to dispel uncertainty, and attain knowledge, which gives us direction. The path we choose should be alive, and should awaken us to life.

Often when people come to me for counsel about changing, or seeking the path of their god, I remind them it’s necessary that for some of us to simply incorporate what feels right into our existing religious beliefs. For instance, meditation, meditation is an aspect of all religions, but if the way we meditate here feels right for you then come and be a part of its feeling, and peace.

It not necessary to completely denounce all that you have been taught, or following. In this temple all beings are welcome, no matter what religious path you follow. Some say that the religion that they have practiced leaves them with feelings of being unsatisfied, they have lost their inspiration. And then I say, “Well, if what you hear in the teachings moves you to seek deeper knowledge, or causes you to expand your perception, then good.” In yoga we are not trying to bring about a bunch of converts we simply teach the means to living a peaceful life. It reminds me of the musical instrument, the accordion. Life is a process of balancing, we turn outward gathering information taking in all there is at many levels, through the senses, the mind, and our spiritual awareness, and we fold back inward, and filter all that we have been fed only to unfold with a different awareness. Human beings are gathers by nature, we seek, we eat, and we seek some more. This is so also with our spiritual life as well as our physical existence, they’re not really separate you know. Fear causes uncertainty, fear of loss, fear of change, we even fear being right as well as wrong. Even though our family, loved ones, and friends may be moving in one direction we may be inspired to go in yet another. This in itself gives rise to fear, and uncertainty. As individuals we must follow the path that leads us to unfoldment. This is my advise to you, and all others.


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