What we should be teaching our children.

Teach them to love without prejudice or judgementalness. Teach them truth, acceptance. Teach them ahimsa, nonviolence of thought, deeds, and actions. Provide for them the means of knowing how to handle limitations. Teach them discernment. Teach them to meditate, how to be still, quiet, and calm. Teach them to laugh and experience happiness within themselves without the need for the outer stimulations. Teach them that they are unique individuals, and allow them to express that uniqueness without fear of ridicule or damnation.

Children are beautiful impressionistic little souls fill them with love. Most of all teach them self-mastery, this is something we all should learn.

My Blessing to all the children of the world



2 comments on “What we should be teaching our children.

  1. What a lovely post. I try so hard, as a mother, to bring all of this into play. While my parents were fabulous role models, I find myself relying on Kahlil Gibran’s passage “On Children” more often than not. I seek to become the “bow that is stable”. Thanks for your moving inspiration!

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