Befriending the ego.

The term befriending ego may be confusing. I’ll do my best to clarify this. The Soul is the Absolute Ultimate True Self. She is love without cause or purpose, She requires nothing, She is un-manifest, yet manifests Her presence in all of life. She is even present in ego. The problem is that ego does not accept Her presence in it. In order to remain in the facade of separateness ego must remain firm in pride, the illusion of the all and mighty powerful originator of its exclusive world, I would say, the I’ness, me, mine. The soul She is all-inclusive. She, being The Energy of Origin of all else, you see.

The energy of the idea of friend flows from Her. Its descent into human thought is immediately divided by ego into various categories, ranging say, for the sake of understanding, from less threatening to most threatening.

The ego personality is born from kleshas, afflictions of past and present. The Atman, Soul, is transcendent. Now, these opposing forces, male and female, are the manifestation of kama, desires. All of human existence is spent balancing these energies of what we call oppositional forces which you experience as real, they are simply ego personality manifest. For every human being the diversity, the duality of existence remains until one transcends that perceived duality, and merges with transcendental Self.



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