The Value of Practicing Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga is the strengthening and balancing of our microcosm. It is the attune-ment and alignment of mind, body and spirit.
The body physical can be our damnation or blessing which ever we choose. It is of great fortune to be into a human body. Spiritually speaking, the body is much like a tuning fork. Hatha Yoga provides the means with which one can bring both the outer and inner world of our beings, into alignment.

Human beings are emotional beings. The breath is of vital importance. In paying attention to the breath one can come to recognize where one is arrested (stuck), emotionally, physically and spiritually.

In the practice of Hatha Yoga one can come to release ones self from mental illnesses that infect the physical and astral body. Mental ills and emotional attachments have caused the body to lock out pranic flow and inhibit the breath. Further, the mind remains in the tumultuous patterns of pain, anger, hatred and confusion; resulting in ignorance. To the seer, one in this state appears to be an unraveled ball of yarn vicariously stuffed back into a ball.

By keeping the body flexible through Hatha Yoga practice one can attain a more flexible mind. In so doing, one is able to move beyond ones own limited preconceptions from the past and live more harmoniously in the present. The breath is able to move more freely revitalizing the cells of the physical body and the mind is thus calm, strong and attentive. One is then able to view experiences of the past and present with more clarity, less judgment and less rigidity.

Through Hatha Yoga one prepares ones self to be a vehicle of pure thought and action. A vessel that allows prana, the essence of life to flow freely, creates a vibration of positive magnetic force. One is of better service to all of sentient life when one is less resistant in the cosmic patterning of the universe and can instead be a tiny example of love, compassion and devotion. Flexible body, quiet mind, open heart make one fertile ground for the seeds of truth to sprout forth, killing the weeds of ignorance so deeply repressed in all of us. I teach students:

Love is the key
Truth is the answer
Faith is the path

Love the body you have created, it is the vehicle by which you will transcend the preconceptions you react to and live by. Surrender to the truth that you are more than just the physical body. Practice Hatha Yoga and experience for yourself a quietude that cannot be known by simple shutting the eyes and ears to the outside world. Faith will inevitably grow, as you will have personally experienced the results of having gone beyond the fear of — If not the body, than who am I?



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