All of life is spiritual!!!!!

Each human being is a vessel, a body temple. Each individual being houses a soul. Spirit is flowing throughout all of life. Yet it is said that we human beings are the only conscious entity, meaning that we have the ability to assimilate and utilize our intelligence, and we even have the ability to decide how to use that intelligence.

Let me tell you a little secret. All of life is spiritual. The only problem is, is that many people choose not to accept this, and that is simply because they cannot see the true beauty in life, the true beauty in living the human existence. The very essence of life is the presence of Spirit. Because we live in the realm of time and space and causation it is very difficult for us to understand Spirit. You see there is only One Truth and that truth is Divine Mother. And all religions are born under that One Truth, thus causing relevant truth or the many paths of religion. Spirit flowing through all of life makes it very simple for us to understand then that we are all interconnected. No matter what our relevant truths may be we are all interconnected. We are all, if you will, a part of the One Truth.

All true preceptors come to the earth to speak, to teach the One Truth. Since time immemorial, Incarnations have returned to the earth speaking just that One Truth. And for aeons the human beings have taken that one truth and segregated it into their own relevance to suit their needs in time and in space.

I remind you again that we are all but one individual drop of the ocean of eternity, yet reminding you that we are all interrelated even in our divisions of relevant truth.

When Christ was young he was not yet aware of what he had returned to this earth to do, yet when he was initiated by his Guru John the Baptist, he became illumined. He realized his purpose, and he knew he needed to teach the truth. Now he also knew that there were only a few that he would be able to impart the truth to, yet there were many thousands of human beings who needed to hear the truth. He knew that they could only take in the truth at their own level of understanding, and therefore he taught it at their level of understanding. All true spiritual preceptors know that not every human being can take the truth exactly as it is, because of karma, because of cause and effect. We all have a particular level of mind and understanding. Therefore, we have once again, the many religions or the many spiritual paths, we say will eventually lead to the One Truth. However, the further we as a people go from the truth the more difficult it is to know what the truth really is. We call it the dharma, the law, THE way to live the human existence. It is actually quite simple but, we as human beings complicate it, because again of our relevance, our desire to live life the way we want to, the way we choose to see it.



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