The seed of perfection lies within all of us.

I’m going to tell you that we are all daughters and sons of Divine Mother. There is not just one son of God. You see, the seed of perfection lies within all of us, deeply within the center of our heart. We have simply forgotten that seed of perfection exists, therefore it is difficult for us to nourish it. We live more in the ignorance of this physical world and believing that this is all there is, yet there is always that nagging hunger. Sometimes, occurring more prevalent than at other times, that there is something more, something beyond what we perceive to be the totality of our human existence, and for those of us who are tired of dredging through the mere existence and truly desire to nourish the seed of perfection within, the incarnations return again and again, such as Jesus Christ. And they teach us how to shed the veils of ignorance, the clouds of darkness that shroud the seed of perfection. You see darkness cannot survive where there is light. And so if we choose to stand in the illuminated light of a perfect teacher then we too will come to see the perfect truth that is always there within us.

In the ancient teachings of Upanishads we are told that humanity lives within three states of consciousness. The waking, the dreaming and the dreamless sleep. Now there is a fourth state, which is beyond those three states. And it is in the fourth state that one wakes up. One goes beyond ordinary mind. And the heart is filled with light and the mind is still and can see the perfection of the True Self. In this transcended state one is changed forever. The beauty of what I’m telling you is that all human beings are capable of such transcendence. And there are true spiritual teachers who can teach us how to go beyond ordinary mind. Popular belief, I believe, says there are only a few people who are this way or who can be this way because they are chosen ones. There is no truth to this.

What is required to be guided on the path to self-realization? A burning desire, a settling for nothing else, nothing less, but to know the True Self. The only thing that stands in the way of knowing the True Self is our ignorance and that ignorance can be removed, but we must be willing. We must be relentless in our efforts and our desires to do so. We must be willing to abolish the demands of our own ego in order to accept direction from one who has transcended the three lower states of consciousness.



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