Wisdom can lead one to Bhakti or Bhakti can lead one to wisdom.

Bhakti Yoga has great vast implications which can change ones life, completely transforming ones whole self. This transformation does not come through blind acceptance of what I will say to you, but through greater understanding and personal realization. To practice any other path of yoga one must express Bhakti, either in practicing other paths Bhakti comes about or it is the chosen path. The Great Ones reminded all people, wisdom can lead one to Bhakti or Bhakti can lead one to wisdom. However, the question remains, what is it about Bhakti that is not obvious, intellectually speaking? The path of Bhakti brings Acceptance first through tolerance, understanding, peace, and most of all, love of all, that’s just to name a few of the attributes. We do have many clear examples of such beings to look at.

The word Bhakti comes from the word bhaja, meaning to adore, serve, love, to be devoted. The word bhakta is the same, and means one who practices Bhakti Yoga, one who feels devotion. There are ones who can be on the path of Bhakti Yoga and not experience the positive intense devotion. Also, there are ones who are not on the path of Bhakti Yoga yet, experience intense Bhakti. One who is devotionally inclined can follow the path of Bhakti Yoga, as it requires intense concentration on ones being, and the object of devotion. Through this method one will have a transcendental experience, and as the Bhakti strengthens over time one will come to have transcendental knowledge of being the object of devotion all along.

If one is not devotionally inclined the other paths of yoga are good to follow, eventually, one will have a spiritual experience. This will lead one straight to Bhakti, for one will experience and realize something otherwise not known to them before. It matters not which way one goes about it, all paths of yoga merge eventually.


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