Difference between Suppression/Oppression.

Take a moment to answer these question. To see what you come up with.

1. What is suppression, what is oppression, to you?

2. Of both, which comes before the other?

3. What is it that is suppressed?

4. Does the oppressor or oppressors cause another or others to suppress?

5. Does the suppressor attract the oppressive?
I will begin, and just perhaps give a short understanding of both, just to get us started.

Suppression is to conceal, or we say, to keep to oneself, to withhold, perhaps, even to keep secret.

Oppression is to tyrannize, to dictate, it is malevolence, it is to afflict upon, power over. It is to crush, more than subdue, crush.

Now, as to which one comes first, I would say for the sake of understanding the two, and the occurrence of their relationship with each other, or to each other, I will tell you that oppression is first and foremost.

What is it that is suppressed? That I would say, which is suppressed, through despotism is usually Truth.

Fourthly, the oppressor is the cause of suppression. Who attracts who? Now, this is a very important question. In the large-scale of understanding, that is, according to the law of karma, at times, yes, because the suppressor can be conceived of as passive or weak, the oppressor or oppressors take this to be a foundation to construct walls of confusion, and from these walls the sperm of fear projects itself with the intent to penetrate the otherwise equipoise heart and mind of the other. These walls of confusion are boundary less. This projected fear spreads, now, there is the need for despotism, by the way, which is exactly what the architectural oppressor drew the plans for, and carried out. Are you following me? Too simple, you say, to not see it all coming. Well, my question to you then, how much evil have you encountered, recognized its presence, and successfully won the battle, that is overcome it? Be honest with yourself.



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