Experience is what changes the entire life of a human being.

Bhakti (love and devotion) is the means and expression of higher awareness. It is practice and spontaneous expression of higher knowledge. They both lead to one another until ones faith is greater than ones experiences, however, it is the experience that changes the entire life of the human being. At the point of experience one realizes that ones aspirations are purposeful, and ones practice is meaningful. Bhakti increases continuously, there is no limit to devotion. Bhakti as the means, is the yoga between having faith, and Divine Realization. Bhakti is living the life of faith while attaining The Divine Knowledge, and through personal experience learning to live the expression of Realization of Divinity.

Difficult it is to put to words Bhakti, for it is knowledge, feeling, and experience that must be known for oneself. True, real, Bhakti is spontaneous, arises ultimately through higher awareness, and knowledge previously inexperienced. The spontaneous realization of the impossible, the confrontation of direct perception beyond any words awakens joy, and the expression of Bhakti. Real Bhakti cannot artificially be produced. It is the expression of Bliss, and this true expression cannot be created through false means.

Ones purpose in practicing Bhakti is to develop one pointed concentration toward one object. This will spontaneously occur if there is feeling toward the object. Think of it, anyone or thing you direct human love toward brings about spontaneous devotion as you concentrate on that object, does it not. One is placing all their energy in one direction, this automatically will take one to higher sensitivity and receptivity, to higher forces through mind and body.


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