Many religions follow Bhakti.

One becomes a Bhakta through experience, not blind belief. Many religions follow Bhakti (love and devotion). Christianity, as well as Hinduism through the use of objects of adoration to awaken the expression of Bhakti. Bhakti is an intensely powerful method that has taken many to the heights of awareness. Strong devotion is required to obtain Pure joy, Pure Knowledge, Pure love, Pure Bliss. The basic method of Bhakti is used in all Bhakti religions. It’s only that the form is different, the object of devotion. However, it is Bhakti Yoga that is the means to transcendence for all beings.

The purpose and practice of Bhakti Yoga is to take one beyond the little I, or the mind, body identification. Through Bhakti one can lessen the hold of severe limits of the mind and body identifying. Therefore, the mind can become the mirror of experience. Ultimately, one will have Higher Awareness and attain Bliss.

We must speak of intellect, intellect is so highly revered in this modern world. This is good providing one understands that it is a severely limited form of gaining knowledge. This is the part most people refuse to even consider, it frightens them. Their refusal to accept This Truth will remain intact until one experiences something well beyond the scope of intellect, which will nullify the intense reverence placed on logical thought as the means to knowledge. It is only through Bhakti that one may loosen the attachments to the intellect. It can, if one will alleviate the constipation of limited intellect, and provide a path of expression for ones feelings and emotions. One who relies so heavily on intellect has forgotten how to express emotions, they’ve suppressed them, the positive ones as well as the negative.



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