Strong Mind or Weak Mind

Do not let falling down become a constant so as to make it a habit on which you will build many excuses for not being successful. Instead, let each fall take you soaring to greater heights of awareness. The falls that you rise beyond will insure the discipline you hold to is the foundation for the roots of a strong mind capable of the power of discrimination.

A strong disciplined mind is able to make definite decisions. A weak mind is always indecisive. Indecisiveness proves one has a lot of conflicts which are unresolved within them. It is these very conflicts that undermined our strengths and our integrity. Here’s a little test for you, it is to examine just how indecisive you are. Do so by evaluating the steadfastness or lack of personal discipline regarding the making of firm decisions. If there is vacillation for periods of time do not fool yourself into thinking that you are going through a weighing and balancing, just know this is not the strength of right decision-making. But, instead it is the weakness of an undisciplined mind.

Understand that one cannot move directly from being indecisive to disciplined strong mind. We actually do need to take baby step in making tiny decisions. I’m not saying nurture weakness here, the egos power of false reasoning. If we start small, remaining fixed in practiced discipline and a strengthened mind, we will eventually be able to make decisions on bigger matters without vacillation. Cultivate the good habit of certainty based in Truth.

We must discipline ourselves to a daily routine without wavering over time. In time, one finds that there is less indecisiveness thereby a lot less worry.



We must not give up the fight.

Discipline results in a healthy strong minded individual, and this strength is of utmost importance in spiritual life. The weak minded individual will not accept high ideals, therefore, the weak minded individual is ultimately unwilling to pay the price for these high ideals. The weak minded individual therefore, becomes fearful when the struggles of the spiritual path arise, and sacrifices are required. A strong will requires a strong mind. One can test ones own strength in this area through self analyses of ones faith and perseverance. For firm faith can only reside where there is a strong mind. Succeeding in the spiritual life depends on our firm steadfast hold to our spiritual ideal. One must believe, “I am one who can yoke to Spirit. I know The Truth, I know what is real. I sup upon Divine Nature, my One eternal meal.” Through all the darkness and confusion we must remain disciplined in our action, our thoughts, and our feelings.

We must strengthen our will. Herein lies one of the greatest obstacles on the path of many spiritual aspirants. You see, they begin the spiritual path with great fever only to fizzle out the moment they are faced with the various obstacles, which are 99.9% of their own doing. In spite of facing these obstacles one must precede with great tenacity. With steadfast discipline and firm faith it matters not if we stumble, and at times fail. But, we must not give into failure, we must not give up the fight. Think of it, we already know what lies behind our efforts before we began to have discipline. Yes, we struggle in the present with training the mind and having discipline. But, we must keep our discipline and remain focused on the ideal. Remember, all that sinks to the bottom will rise again. I’m referring to the impressions at the subtlest level. All the food that we have taken in with the senses, no matter how deeply buried it may be, it will rise again. Will we have the fortitude, the discipline to face it? Will the body and the mind be strong in spite of what we may see and come to understand about ourselves?


“The Atma (the higher Self) is not to be attained by the weak.”

We all know strength requires discipline. Usually we apply this discipline to physical strength of the body alone. In yoga we know that strength must be both physical and mental. A spiritual aspirant cannot be weak. In the Upanishads it states, “The Atma (the higher Self) is not to be attained by the weak.” Yes, the body must be strong. Why? Because, the body must be able to withstand the demands of the spiritual practices that the mind will endure.

Remember, the body is the abode of The Divine, the house, the body temple, the shroud of the soul. Yet, one need not identify with the body, thus remaining attached to it. One must be disciplined enough to keep the body pure, physically fit. How? By paying attention to the food one partakes in. And lastly, give the body regular exercise. Take walks if you do not like the rigorous exercise that some people do at the fitness center, and so forth, walk. Often the spiritual aspirant will neglect the body. Why? Because they are believing the attainment of the inner strength is more important somehow, however, one cannot be done without the other. Always think of the body as the boat to ferry you across the ocean of worldly existence. It must be carefully tended to, no over indulgences of stomach food.

Discipline allows one to practice strict continence. What is continence? Modification, this will strengthen the brain and keep it cool. Without continence one will not have the strength to sit for long periods of meditation. I promise you without a doubt, discipline will be the cause of a great deal of tension, and we will suffer. But ultimately, we find it to be the source of happiness, and peace. We are not truly peaceful, and happy in our haphazard ways, our undisciplined minds, we are fearful, fretting, worrying, uncertain, indecisive.


Our greatest attachments is to the work we do.

One of our greatest attachments is to the work we do. Is it not? We believe we are disciplined to do the work when really we are like the horse, conditioned to follow the path of the job, because we are attached to the fruits. This carrot on the stick held out till Friday, the end of the work week. This creates an anxiousness in us throughout the other six days of the week. Perhaps, including the Friday up until the moment that the piece of paper, the pay check is in our hand, does it not? For one moment I ask you to think of all the attachments in your mind based on that piece of paper that you receive on Friday. You see, just how many attachments arose in your mind.

Now, consider looking differently for a moment at the job. As a spiritual aspirant, you understand that the purpose of work is to purify the mind. We’re just looking at it differently for a moment, and through discipline we recognize the fruits are not ours, not ours to hold on to, but they are The Mother. All the effort of the work week is done to cultivate discipline, and quiet the mind. I tell you this will bring about a better attitude, we will have much more faith in our purpose of work, and be more enthusiastic because we understand what we are doing for ourselves. Whether we work for the carrot or your god, we still get the piece of paper on Friday, but to hand the paper over to your god, symbolically speaking, means your work has become true Karma yoga.


Our original commitment

I would say to you, that commitment is so distorted at this point I do not know if humanity can ever commit to trusting that love is the key, the key ingredient to any sound foundation, and Truth is the answer, the glue that sustains all the growths from that foundation, all that grows forth directly from that foundation. Even if we don’t like the Truth, it is the Truth that makes us free to expand to grow in our mind, our consciousness, our love. And from that expansion we inherently remember the path, faith. Faith is like the dotted lined blueprint of the vow we made long ago. It seems so far away in some distant past. So far, that we cannot commit, because our lazy mindedness has cost us our very freedom. Our freedom is the sustenance of the original foundation, primordial energy Herself. We are a reflection of an idea of The Goddess. Our sustenance is weakened by our lack of commitment to remember, to remember our inner perfection. The less we commit to God The Mother, and the more we commit to the ego self, the easier we lose our foothold on our foundation. The greater the loss of our foundation, the tighter the binds of diminishing freedom become until we choke to death on our own ignorance. Ideally, we return to the bliss of Her omnipresence, and that is the original commitment.

The Great Cosmic Mother said, “Child I send forth my breath to give life to the idea of the many children, who are tiny vibrations, with the spark of my love deep within their hearts, so they may light up all universes throughout all time. And each with the help of the other, like tiny fireflies, will come together in the light of My love, and return to the sanctuary of the causal world where there is no-thing. Remember, that spark of commitment that burns forever in you, for it is I in you, and you are ever in me. We are the indestructible vow, for we are One.”

So you see, precious ones, Her presence is everywhere. She is committed, anywhere you look. We are committed to Her, no matter how you choose to view it. If we are intelligent enough to know we are dependent on Her, then we are free. Free to trust in Her commitment, and free to renounce our binds of ignorance, and commit to Her in every way. Perhaps, you may term that as faith. It’s more than a belief, it’s deeper than the human concept of trust. It is the feeling of pure perception. It is freedom. In this life the knower can be known. Commit.

Perhaps you will use this to expand your awareness, to deepen and strengthen your understanding of the inner vow that burns ever inside of you, to find your way home, to commit to doing what must be done. Give back to life in any and every way that we can, to remain committed to our place in the circle of life.

My deepest blessings are with you. In love and in service, I offer all that I am, all that I have to give from this vessel. It is Her words, it is Her that we commit to. May we nurture the flame of everlasting Love and Truth within ourselves that we may be a light of refuge to those who seek to commit, to follow the everlasting vow that we carry with us lifetime after lifetime. May I be of the highest service to you always. My deepest respect for your walk in your spiritual journey.


Do not suppress your desires for food.

One problem that I see with people is that they have problems of foods. Most people, most people I mean look at our world and its obsession with physical fitness. Most people feel that they’re eating habits are either way out of control or not enough or not good enough. Well, we probably do eat a lot of junk food and maybe we do have a little too much candy or fast foods or something. But, one must accept where they are, who they are with regards to food. If you express your desires for food it is better than suppressing a desire to indulge or the desire to not eat at all.

Guilt is one of the worst problems, guilt around anger, around food, sex. Guilt period, will not help with anything, you see. Most people have so much guilt about their eating habits that they become absolutely neurotic about the foods that they take in or do not take in, you see. Results are major physical problems in the body organs due to the mind being forced or twisted to go in an unnatural state of flow for that person. See, the mind is forced in an abnormal flow of thought process which is the suppression or shutting down of the desires or the wants for particular foods. And this of course causes malfunction immediately.

However, just as with anything else, if one is over indulgent this too can lead to problems in the digestive organs of the body. This becomes destructive to the physical self. It’s often reversible providing it hasn’t gone on for too long in this life or too many lifetimes, we say. If you will just be willing to accept your eating habits and patterns, but once again be aware of what they are. In that awareness you are able to see the potential for change. It’s a gradual change of a pattern of long-standing however, it is possible. If you can see the pattern of the mind that the body follows and change your lack of self acceptance then you have the potential for suffering less. I say to you often in meditation, allow the thoughts to come and go. Sit, and allow the mind to freely flow, letting the thoughts pass however, be aware of what they are, yet do not hold on nor should you suppress the thoughts. Suppression is what takes us deeply into the disease of our being. To suppress the thoughts makes us unhappy, unsettled, imbalanced, and then we become depressed, and then the depression leads to anger because we cannot find a way of self expressing, because we refuse to follow the desires that the mind is showing us. You see the circuitous of it all? Accept what your thoughts are, accept what your desires are, accept the fact that your angry, you see. Accept the fact that food follows a certain path with you. And in so doing you will not suppress, you will not cause unhappiness, you will not lead yourself into disease. But you must be aware, you must be aware of your own tendencies, and in so doing you will find that they will fall away. You will not be so stuck in what you should or should not be doing. But you will sit in the awareness of your own true nature and accept it for what it is, making it easier for you to change. All human beings can follow the path of yoga. All human beings have the potential to walk the yogic path. Self acceptance allows one to unfold into a greater awareness of who and what they are. Realizing that, these are all latent potentialities that lie within them. Some are good, some we say not so good. More importantly they are the nature of us. And in understanding that, you can change anything about yourself that you choose, note that, that you choose!

Remember through understanding that a natural pattern is to have desires, in understanding that, you know that simply by having desires there is motivation. What is your motivation. What is your intent to change, you see.

May this benefit you and all those that you may touch in this lifetime.


The true purpose of the sexual life

Most human beings are rechanneling the primal energy surges all the time. The rechanneling of the primal force is actually the impetus for some other occurrence in our life whether it be positive or negative, and we’re doing it all the time. If the primal energy can be redirected and used positively, then the human being can develop highly at the mental levels, and be quite creative. For human beings this redirection of the primal energy and positive use would be the emphasis toward a healthy sexuality in our human relationships.

Psychological theories and tantric insights do agree. They agree that the primal energy is the primary force in human emotions and emotional expression. They also agree that when denied it impairs the process of one’s natural life, thus it weakens, and it finally depletes our vitality, or the natural life force, prana. Our emotions are the manifestation of the primal energy which is simultaneously both sexual and spiritual. So, to suppress one’s sexuality is to then cause distortion of what I would say 99.9% of humanity considers to be their very essence, their sensitivity, their very ability to express their sensitivity emotionally, or to detect it in another. Spiritually speaking, the view of needing to express the emotions or needing another to know that we detect, and can therefore respond, as to avoid distortion is not enough. It is not enough to claim that we are balanced, no it’s not enough. The human being, at the spiritual level, must have a method of directing of the primal energy to the higher centers of our being. Now, here is the basic problem in our modern society: there is an enormous amount of psychological disease, enormous. There is a lot of guilt, a lot of pain, all pinned up with frustration. Why is it this way? Because humanity as a whole does not understand the true purpose of the sexual life with relation to our spiritual awakening. A precise understanding as to the nature and purpose of the primal force and a method of practice for its sublimation is what is needed. But hear me well, listen carefully: it will not, and could not, and is not the cure-all for all. Because even with precise understanding, even with the study, the teaching, the practice of method there are so many human beings out there who already have heavily distorted the teachings and the practices as to the Truth of Pure Tantracism, Tantra Yoga. There is no room for undisciplined indulgence in the study and the practice of the rechanneling of our pranic energies. In fact, I will tell you that this is a yogic path of disciplined sensitivity. It is through the understanding and the acceptance of one’s own human nature. It is the human being’s experiences that occur with clarity. It is one’s own awareness that becomes intensified, and the intelligence lifted into the higher energy centers that make one understand and see life’s purpose clearly. The person feels the human experience deeply. Freedom to truly be oneself is attained here when we are able to express these natural instincts in a spirituality oriented and healthy sane way.


Rechanneling your primal energy.

The balance in our life spiritually and socially requires that we not turn ourselves over to the demands of our desires. We all know that our primal surges absolutely do not tolerate denial, right. Our instincts do not like to be denied, not at all. In fact, if desire is denied its expression, then that very deflection is bounced back into the unconscious mind where it must now rechannel itself for expression in a different way. Women do this rechanneling and redirection of expression in a very different way than men do, for the most part. Women do it by, let’s say, constructive or creative movement or expression, such as in their spiritual paths or in their work environments. Whereas some women may actually find that they have negative emotional expression when this energy is rechanneled. This rechanneling will express itself maybe in the form of inner tension or aggression or of anger. Remember, we’re speaking of the expression of the primal energy.

Males may express this energy constructively. Often we find that, that expression in a male is done by exhausting themselves physically, you see, like working out or some form of physical expression, or by building themselves up we say, either the body or literally building something, you know pounding, putting together something, taking it apart and re-putting it together, you see, using the physical. Now, they too may express that primal energy in negative emotional expression. That is usually done by the tearing down or destruction of something physically. Now just take a couple of moments. Take in what I’m saying to you. Of course we all take everything in at the personal level, but I’m asking you to also try to take it in with an expanded mind, just a bit.

When a person experiences the denial of their desires along with pain, then both the desire and the memory of the pain are suppressed. This suppression requires a great deal of energy. The suppression of the memory and the denial of the desire is, the suppression occurs in the unconsciousness, so the memory and the denial are both pushed back into the unconsciousness. And it is therefore kept, the whole entire experience, is kept repressed or beyond one’s memory. Think of that. This in yoga is referred to as samskaras. Samskaras are huge obstacles to anyone seeking full spiritual realization. Although the samskaras are not known to us in the waking state it doesn’t mean that they are less of an obstacle. As a matter of fact they are deep scars. These deep scars make their presence known in the forms of our fears and our obsessions. But they are not understood, and they are not recognized unless they are pointed out, that this is in fact what is occurring, and then that leaves an avenue, of course, for understanding. But for most of us in the normal human everyday occurrence, we are not aware of these things.

The key point here is this, primal energy cannot and must not be kept pinned up or bottled up inside of ourselves. It is absolutely vital that we have an outlet in physical union, or the primal energy can be redirected to a healthy avenue of expression in another way; or we find that its manifestation will occur in the form of mental illness. Particular mental illness would be neurosis.

Most human beings are rechanneling the primal energy surges all the time. The re-channeling of the primal force is actually the impetus for some other occurrence in our life whether it be positive or negative, and we’re doing it all the time. If the primal energy can be redirected and used positively, then the human being can develop highly at the mental levels, and be quite creative. For human beings this redirection of the primal energy and positive use would be the emphasis toward a health sexuality in our human relationships.


Sexuality and spirituality is energy, primal energy.

Most of the time we want to delve into just the physical aspects of sex and sexuality. Most of us feel as though we have a great deal of problems in the area of sex, and sexuality, spirituality, and I would dare say you’re right. Most, I would say, 99.9% as I usually do, of the population has difficulties in this area. I think it’s of primary importance that we begin with the very fact that the key concept that we’ll be speaking about is energy, primal energy.

According to yoga with relation to sexuality, spirituality, the primal force, or the primal energy is how we refer to speaking about sexuality and spirituality. The universe itself is actually the interplay of energy and consciousness. This we know to be just a basic reality. This is what we refer to as the cosmic law, the interplay of energy and consciousness, of Shiva and Shakti. Oftentimes in yoga we say that it is the dance, or the play, The Lila of Shiva and Shakti. Now, in yoga we understand completely that it is not simply the physical body that matters here, but it is actually more the quality, the quantity of this primal energy that puts the body into motion, or prompts, motivates the mind and inspires or lifts the consciousness. Now, remember the energy that we’re referring to here is the primal energy, the very essence of our being. It is what animates or enlivens this otherwise dead lump of clay that we call the physical body.

Kundalini, Kundalini is the universal life force or prana. This is referred to as the animating force that I just spoke of in the human being. It is Kundalini Shakti. Now, this primal energy that we’re speaking of is expressed at its highest in spiritual enlightenment. Its gross manifestation, is of course, the sexual energies. This primal energy’s power is what we as human beings refer to as charisma or magnetism, you see. It is actually the force that is behind all human beings’ emotions and actions, or all of our emotions and actions. However, 99.9% of the west, societally speaking, scientifically speaking, is still in the process of researching, dissecting, analyzing, pigeonholing, labeling what the true tantrikas have known all along.

Energy as you well know can and does attract and repel, right? It’s negative and positive. In other words it’s polarized, is it not? Remember, like with magnets, like with the North and South Pole, or East and West, dark and light, like that. In this physical existence this is the pattern, the actual creation of life, the movement, the interplay of energy and matter. It is impossible for this interplay to occur unless there is the uniting of the positive and negative forces, you see. Human relationships of male and female energy, at both the personal and social level, are actually the counterpart of the universal involvement of the Shiva and the Shakti. We as human being are the reflection of our perfect Self that lies within.

Back in the day in early psychology, in Freudian psychology, Freud suggested that this primal energy that I’m speaking to you of was stored in the unconscious mind, and that the conscious expression of this energy was brought forth in the human form of instinctual desire. Desires are otherwise known as drives or driving forces, or well-known as instinctive impulses. Instinctive impulses, this very concept itself speaks of the dynamic and static energies. It has both the motivator and the motivated. Now, here is where the emotions come in, and the way that we feel about these drives. The way that we feel about these drives determines our so-called happiness or unhappiness. Can you see what I’m getting at, what I’m driving at here?

Tomorrow I will go into the female and male expression of the primal energy.


The discipline of silence.

One of the biggest obstacles to gaining discipline is over our feelings, our emotions. It is a fact that one who cannot control euphoria, or elated good feelings cannot control the on slot of depression, or bad feelings, and impulses either. This is a roller coaster many people ride with great intensity on a daily basis. Through discipline one may gain mastery over this obstacle, and live consciously and be definite in feelings, and control over emotions.

To have good feelings is essential to our health, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Good experiences, good feelings are more beneficial if we retain them within ourselves. If we express them too frequently, with too much exuberance we lose the power of their presence within. It is these very goodnesses that move, push, drive us forward. Much like the steam used to power those old locomotives. These old machines were powered by the built up pressure of the steam, you see. If the steam were released then there would not be the necessary power to drive the engine and the locomotive, if the steam was released too soon. If it didn’t have the chance to build up, and therefore the engine would not budge the locomotive, you see, actually, we are much the same really.

The intense feelings we get, the beautiful ideas that arise when we are in holy company, or reading spiritual scripture, or experience through our own spiritual practices need be retained within us until the transformation of character takes place within. Just as I have told you that sitting for a while after meditation strengthens the mind and disciplines it to stay in constancy of peacefulness, and contentedness, this is the same thing.

In the west, western mindedness, western beliefs, we are so deluded into over indulgence of expressing ourselves. The effects of good feelings and experiences need to be absorbed until we are transformed beyond the experience itself. Do you understand? We are then eternally changed by the discipline of silence. Then we are able to relate with another these feelings and experiences with understanding and knowledge, intuitively.

I offer you my deepest blessings. The greatest love.