Samskaras are subliminal activating forces.

Habits and tendencies appear never-ending because once addressed then we find immediately that there’s another, and another. When we become consciously aware of the tendencies, and view them dispassionately then they can no longer be habitual if we do not breathe life into them. Yes, the ego will always serve as the master of rewarding us with yet another obstacle to Self Awareness.

Come to recognize the habitual tendencies that do not serve you in your spiritual unfoldment, and view them dispassionately. Perhaps I could say, give them no credence, if that’s acceptable.

There’s only one memory to have, Ahambramasmi, I am The Self Existent One. To befriend the ego is to begin to understand and accept the power, so to speak, that we have given it in our forgetfulness of our True nature. To go beyond the notion of separateness, to transcend personality.

Expectations are attachments, addictions are the desires to hold to and fulfill our cravings, which only obscure the Self. To live dispassionately is to be unattached. Once we understand dispassionateness then we expect nothing.

Avidya (delusion) caused us lose of mind, forgetfulness, or what we call ignorance. The mind is often likened to a magnet suffused with samskaras. Samskaras are subliminal activating forces, causing fluctuations which diffuse our ability to concentrate our attention. These samskaras are the traits in a human being, and these traits are the very cause of a persons psycho-mental states, and the mind fluctuates causing constant changes in the consciousness.

With wrong knowledge, truly accurate cognition, right conceptualization, sleep and memory, these fluctuation must be stopped in order to actualize Self Awareness. We know in yoga by controlling the breath one is able to conquer the mind.

The attitude of acceptance allows us to recognize how we misuse the senses, the elements. Once we are able to be conscious of this misuse, then we’re able to perceive the truth about how we have had wrong thoughts, and then we will not habitually react out of the same old emotional tendencies. Our emotional patterns change with right perception. When we are more aware of the flow of our consciousness, we can change the direction of it. This leads us to think, act, and react with more awareness.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti



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