A Swami is reborn to aid humanity.

One who is truly a Swami has lived many lifetimes in the practice of the true and tried methods of yoga, and through experience and the retention of the memory of ones true nature is Self Realized. This is not knowledge that is exclusive. Spiritual attainment, Spiritual Realization is for everyone. The Guru sees themselves as a servant of Divine Mother. Divine Mother is in all beings, and the Guru serves to awaken the souls of humanity by guiding, aiding, and the removal of the obstacle in one’s life that limit that one from the memory of the True Self.

When a sincere seeker hungry for knowledge is willing to go beyond the concepts of human logic and reason, it is said that the Guru appears.

Meditation is a means to Self Conscious Awareness. The Guru we say is like the constant thumb moving us in the direction that will take us to that Self Conscious Awareness. Karma’s are only obvious to us when we are willing, accepting, sincere, devoted to over coming our obstacles to a peaceful self.

We need to learn to live a life of dispassion. Family and education are necessary for most people. We are beings born of love, born to love, born to be loved, therefore, family is important. Through family we have bonds. We have the opportunity to experience and practice acceptance, nurturance. We have the opportunity to learn to love beyond conditioned love. We learn about love through our loyalties, and through our bonds with other beings. Eventually, we can learn to live dispassionately, that is, love for the sake of loving without conditions, without perimeters.

Now, an education serves to expand mind beyond our small world, our personal concepts. Our personal desires are what actually lead us in the direction to the type of education that will provide the opportunities of success, and the opportunity of being helpful to humankind. It does not always work in this way however, that’s true. Education is like a tool. Somewhat like meditation, we can train the mind, we can expand the awareness to include all of life. We can have family and learn to live in acceptance. A dispassionate nature requires balanced awareness.

Extremes, such as the sayings, “I will love you only if” or, “I love you because” or, attaining an education simply for self-aggrandizement is to fulfill desires with negative motivation and intent. This is very limiting, this is the thing I say we should let go of.



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