Human existence is created by our previous thoughts and desires.

I don’t know that I can say that it was so much a decision, as much as forgetfulness of Ahambramasmi, “I Am The Self Existent One”. Now, be careful this is not an ego bound thing I’m saying, although it is used in that way by much of humanity. Saying, Ahambramasmi, “I Am The Self Existent One”, is a matter of Absolute Knowledge that the physical human existence is created by our previous thoughts and desires. But, in fact the Self Existent One, the true nature, the Soul, She is the center of our being and the cause of all else.

In the decline of memory we have suffered, and still suffer the illusion that we are apart from The Creator, and not a part of The Great Mother, this causes great pain. This descent has caused the wheel of samsara. This cycle you asked about of birth, life, death, and rebirth to turn; owing our power of spiritual ignorance to attachment, aversion, pleasure, pain, vice, and virtue. These are the struggles we have in the human existence. This is the problem of separateness.

We see life as finite existence, and we are constantly fluctuating in our insecurities, our beliefs that suffering is the way of life, and we hold to a determined permanence of ignorance, rather than determining through the use of free will to attain liberation from it all, from the binds that hold us separate from our original harmonious nature. Our original state is joy. Happiness, I often say is our birth right, but, happiness is a fleeting thing in the human existence. We look to outward means for the attainment of what we call happiness. When in fact to merge into The Divine energy within our very own Self, the very center of our being would give rise to a flood of joy unlike most people ever experience in any given lifetime. What are we willing to let go of in our facade of separateness in order to experience, or to take in one drink of the nectar of joy, which is at the very center of our self.

Through the spiritual path of yoga one attains peace by contemplation, meditation, and reflection. Therefore, one eventually comes to the Realization that there is a great deal of action being taken to alleviate ones pain and suffering caused by ignorance. This is the path or pursuit in itself. There’s nothing romantic about it I assure you. Heaven and hell are states of mind. As well as romance is a state of mind.

View life without expectations, prejudices, and judgementalness, this would give you a great peace.

Peace to all of humanity in this time of great suffering.



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