We are the bringers, creators, and ultimately the resolvers of our own karma.

I would like to begin  with this Truth: Ultimately we are the bringers of our own karmas, the creators of our own karma. Ultimately, we are the resolvers of our own karma.

The sooner we accept responsibility for our own lives and that which we have created around us, the sooner we will not look outside of ourselves to point the finger at anything or anyone as being the responsibility for the life that we lead, ultimately we could say that this is our goal, that we accept responsibility for our life and the path that we walk. As soon as we are able to do that then we are able to understand better the purpose of our human existence.

When there is a bit of an understanding of our purpose, then we are able to embark on our spiritual journey with aspiration. Inspired by the very fact that we are the ones who got ourselves into this, and therefore we can get ourselves out of it, these binds of karma that we are ultimately responsible for. Image if everyone took the responsibility for their own self, for their own actions, their own speech, thoughts, and their own deeds, basically responsibility for their soul’s existence.

Perhaps if there was nothing or no one else to blame, then we might find that we would go about our existence quite differently. Of course, as I say this to you it would do well for us to know that in other ways we actually take the responsibilities for another’s actions in order for us to ride high on the horse of glory, so you see how that works.

The example that I’ve used at times is of course the hostile taking over of the Chinese occupation of Tibet and all of Her people. I also make reference to hostile consumption of land and all the American Indian people in the formation of what we call these United States. Both of these responsibilities are seated in oppression of egotistical minds which believe themselves to be the power necessary for the taming and training of otherwise heathenistic ignorant beings. It is the forced extinction of others that we term as a threat to an evolution of an accepted concept that we call growth. Do you understand?

Modern westernized religions proclaim the necessity of taking the responsibility of instilling their methods of insuring that our soul will not rot in hell. This method is conversional force. These people use these methods to take responsibility for taking over your life from mind to pocketbook, and wear down the very childlike spirit that otherwise keeps a person searching, searching for the answers for the mystery of their life, of all of life. I’m not so sure that it’s wise to take the responsibility of lording over another’s life force and honing them in, into the direction of inertia. Eventually, it appears to be a matter of one extreme or the other. People become inert as though they’ve had a lobotomy, or people become euphoric and caught up in the mania, thus making God The Mother responsible for everyone and everything. In the end, asking questions to the mysteries of life is not acceptable. I would say to you that this is a cult in western terms any way that you choose to look at it.



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